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29 Outdoorsy Gifts That Are So Practical They'll Thank You For Making Them A Master Camper

You know the type: goes hiking once and ~suddenly~ becomes outdoorsy by nature. And we are here for it!

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1. A lightweight water-resistant backpack that can carry all their outdoor essentials without weighing them down. Exterior pockets make it convenient to grab those typically hard-to-find items; and when they're not using it, they can store it away into a teeny, sandwich-sized carrier.

2. A camping hammock to make them the envy of every other hiker who didn't think to bring along such a useful (and fun) outdoor accessory. With super strong straps, they can hang out attached to a car or lay back while swaying beneath the trees.

3. A lightweight, super-soft microfiber towel so they can dry off quickly and feel comfortable if they're out on their first multi-day excursion. Plus, its antimicrobial treatment repels any funky odors that may build up over time.

Multi-colored Packtowl towel

4. A veritably versatile Yeti insulated mug with over 40,000 reviews that boast its ability to keep coffee, soup, and even oatmeal so warm that they'll have to blow before taking a sip (or bite).

A black Yeti Rambler mug

5. A foldable campsite chair that's under $10 — and has a place for them to rest their arms and a bev after they're done building their first brag-worthy fire.

Blue foldable chair

6. A water filtration straw to save them from lugging around a load of water for long periods of time. This will lighten their pack on remote trips and allow them to miraculously wet their whistle with clear, filtered water!

Reviewer bending over a creek using the straw in the water

7. A waterproof solar-powered lantern that's powered by sunlight to illuminate their campsite nights. It can charge their phone AND it floats, so they'll have ample light to guide them through the evening.

8. A breathable cotton face mask with adjustable ear loops and a wire nose fixture. So they can stay safe and take the necessary precautions comfortably if they're out on an all-day hike.

9. A sleeping pad to give ~sleeping under the stars~ a whole new comfortable meaning. This is made of thick, heavy duty material they can pitch up just about anywhere to catch some restorative Z's.

10. A thick-knit Patagonia beanie so they can get a-head of the imminent temperature drop at higher altitudes.

Blue beanie

11. Collapsible cooking essentials with 10(!) cookware pieces for the most convenient way to whip up breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the go.

12. A Camelbak hydration pack so they can ensure they never go thirsty while they're trailing up a mountain for five hours.

Teal blue pack

13. A camping cookbook filled with easy-to-follow recipes — because they shouldn't have to forego eating a delicious tasting meal, even if they're out in the wilderness.

the book

14. A pocket-size travel blanket with built-in ground stakes(!) so they can securely take a seat wherever, whenever they want to breathe in their ~alluring~ surroundings.

15. A portable espresso maker if they're a fan of the ~finer~ things and absolutely have to have a mini shot of caffeine to get their day going.

16. An 11-piece cooking utensil organizer for the foodie who wouldn't DARE to go on a trip without their kitchenware.

17. A set of playing cards so they can keep themselves occupied in the evenings and fuel their inspiration for their next National Park adventure.

The pack of playing cards with one card showing an illustrated image of the Grand Canyon National Park

18. A pack of moisture-wicking hiking socks with added cushion, so they can step out and standout comfortably while climbing to the outlook. Sayonara, boring-colored footwear!

19. An "Everything But The Tent" kit that even Bear Grylls might be impressed by. This five-piece set will prepare them with all the tools to set up camp like a seasoned pro — even if this is their first time stepping into the woods.

Flatlay image of the kit with the five tools

20. A rechargeable clip-on fan because it can get *real* stuffy in those tents — they'll be thanking you for the gift of good air circulation. It even emits light, so they can read a few pages of their book before heading off to dreamtown.

A olive colored fan hanging from a hook

21. A paracord bracelet to set them up for survival if they're ready to take casual camping trips to the next level. In one handy accessory they'll have a fire starter, reliable compass, loud emergency whistle, emergency knife, AND 12 feet of military-grade paracord(!!).

22. A sun-shielding corduroy hat to commemorate their newfound love for National Parks (plus, it's the perfect conversation starter toward making equally outdoorsy friends). So how about those rock formations?

Model wearing red cord hat with "South Dakota Badlands National Park" embroidered onto it

23. A waterproof phone pouch for built in reassurance the next time they find themselves hiking through a creek and want to take that Insta-worthy shot.

24. A Coleman big and tall sleeping bag that has a 30-degree-Fahrenheit rating so if they're desperate for the great outdoors come the winter months, they'll feel comfortable and insulated from head-to-toe.

Grey and black sleeping bag

25. Rechargeable handwarmers which double up as a charging bank for their phone, so they can save their body temp and battery from dropping.

26. Salomon hiking boots for a supportive pair of shoes that will securely take them through rocky terrain, no sweat. And these are less clunky than the regular outdoorsy shoe so they won't have to worry about carrying extra weight on their walk.

27. A water- and tear-resistant wallet that will keep their valuables safe while they're out exploring the great outdoors.

28. A Coleman butane camping stove so they won't have to worry about foraging for food outside of the campsite. This cute little portable cooker comes with adjustable heat settings and packs away in its own carrying case.

29. Bendable Luminoodle LED lights that will illuminate and adapt to any outdoor activity. It even has magnets so it can attach to their vehicle if car camping is more their style.

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