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    27 Personal Care Products That'll Make Slightly Cringe-Worthy Problems More Manageable

    Sweat and chafing will never hold you back from living your best life ever again.

    1. A two-pack of "flossing toothbrushes" if getting food lodged in between your teeth feels like a daily recurring nightmare. These remarkable feats of oral hygiene feature soft, multilayer bristles that are essentially like strong pieces of floss that reeeally reach between teeth, under the gum line, and deep into grooves where cavities and bacteria can breed.

    a reviewer's teeth before they used the flossing brush and after just one use with their teeth clean with less plaque
    A toothbrush with two layers of bristles, one long and thin and one shorter and thicker, Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    Mouthwatchers is a small business established by Ronald Plotka, DDS, that specializes in antimicrobial toothbrushes designed to get deeper cleans that even patients with "great" dental hygiene might miss with traditional brush and floss routines. 

    Here's what one of our editors, Emma Lord, has to say: "I love it just after the first few days of use! I use an electric toothbrush usually, but I feel like I'm getting a much more satisfying clean from these?? Especially because I tend to get yellow stains between my teeth no matter *how* much I floss, and these bristles seem to actually target that a lot more effectively." 

    Promising review: "I'm amazed at how well this toothbrush cleans my teeth — it definitely gets between the teeth and also more importantly for me, gets in the small, deep crevices in my molars where I always have food stuck and regular toothbrushes couldn't get stuff out. I brush more often (after meals/snacks) because of how effective it is. As stated, definitely go easy around the gums. The bristles feel soft, but will cause your gums to bleed if you use regular pressure. Nice and easy does the trick, SO WELL!" —Jason A.

    Get a pair from Amazon for $8.91 (also available as a four-pack). 

    2. A bottle of Bio-Oil to gently treat uneven complexions, like scars leftover from "accidentally" picking that pesky pimple you should've left alone...or that bug bite you shouldn't have scratched. It's so effective that more than 70,000 people love it. It's also noncomedogenic, which means it won't clog pores.

    Psst! Bio-Oil contains retinol, which accelerates skin turnover but can make you more sensitive to the sun — so don't forget your sunscreen!

    Promising review: "I love this product so much I've ordered it a number of times and it never ceases to amaze me. I used to have acne scars on my forehead and cheeks, notice I said 'used to' — this product has not only cleared those dark marks up but also has my skin glowing. I definitely recommend it. I use it before bed and in the morning before work or just doing errands and I always get compliments on how glowy and smooth my skin looks." —Dasia

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three pack sizes).

    3. Natural green tea oil absorbing tissues, which take blotting sheets to the next skin-loving level because they can actually cleanse your face as well. The next time your forehead becomes more reflective than the screen you stare at (for a million hours each day), use one of these to swipe away shine *and* impurities in a flash.

    reviewer before with a shiny forehead
    and after with their forehead looking shine-free
    Reviewer showing oil on sheet

    They're even all-natural! They're made from 100% natural linen fibers with organic bamboo charcoal to keep you nice and fresh all day.

    Promising review: "I've had oily skin my whole life and have used countless types of oils blotting sheets because they're lifesavers. THESE ARE AMAZING. They're a great deal, big sheets, and they pull out one at a time so easily. I'll never go back to other brands. Give these a try — they're completely worth it. They work well and are easy to use. I have no negative things to say at all." —Kelsey

    Get a 100-count pack from Amazon for $6.60+ (available in five formulas and five pack sizes).

    4. A CeraVe salicylic acid body wash so you can say "see ya!" to those pesky scabs left over from picking ingrowns, and "au revoir!" to keratosis pilaris flare-ups. This exfoliates without the rough, physical microbeads and buffs away bumpy skin while smoothing — thanks to hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

    Promising review: "My 6-year-old daughter has keratosis pilaris, commonly known as 'chicken skin.' This year it really flared up during warm weather so I gave this wash along with lotion a try. Wow, I saw results after just a few uses and after a couple of weeks most of her bumps disappeared. Thrilled we skipped a trip to the dermatologist! Can’t beat this price for the results either." —Ashley Steigerwald

    Get it from Amazon for $13.29.

    5. A stick of Body Glide anti-chafing balm to protect your precious skin from irritation, particularly between your thighs, around your neck, under your arms...literally anywhere you can experience rubbing from clothing or regular ol' skin contact.

    A model applying the balm to their inner thigh
    Model applying it under their bra

    BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord uses this and says "I swear by this to the point where if I can't find it in the morning of a summer run, I just won't go out, LOLOL. My boobs chafe SO BADLY under my sports bra bands, no matter what kind I'm wearing, but putting on a tiny bit of this before I leave works like a charm. Absolutely no more friction and no more going 'OW OW OW' in the shower because my literal boob wounds were stinging."

    Promising review: "Used for a Vegas vacay. Miles on the strip can do a number on the inner thighs! Used this and it was great!!!!! No soreness or chafing. Kept skin soft smooth and worked for a very long time! This is my first full review of a product because it worked soooo well." —Toya S.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in five sizes and two multipacks).

    6. An absorbent bra liner you'll probably want to hug the inventor of because you, an under-boob sweater, have basically had your prayers answered. Simply slip this inconspicuous layer beneath your bra to trap moisture and minimize the effects of pesky perspiration.

    Model wearing the black version
    Tank top with sweat stains under the boobs and same tank top without sweat stains because the model is wearing the bra liner

    Promising review: "I am a sweater and therefore it's very uncomfortable to sweat under your bra and then be wet. I am so happy with this product. No more being wet and having embarrassing sweat marks." —Lola

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95 (available in two colors).

    7. Korean skincare exfoliating mitten to slough away dead skin and reveal visibly (and touchably) softer arms...legs...bums...literally wherever you want to use it — and much more effectively than your worn-in loofah!

    I can attest, this thing is like witchcraft in a mitt. I use this weekly to rid my skin of dullness and dryness. And I'm not joking, my arms, legs, tummy, bum, literally everywhere this thing graces becomes 10x smoother. It's now part of my routine before I shave — and if you think a razor can give you slick skin...paired with THIS, oh boy, you haven't seen (or felt) anything yet. Is it gross to see a week's worth of skin trickle off your body and into the tub with you? Yes. But is it oh-so-satisfying to get a closer shave? You betcha. Oh, and for me, I feel like this has stopped ingrowns in their tracks, too, because it lifts layers of skin before they harden and become more of an ish'. Basically, if you're looking to up your shower time routine, give this a go. Being gentle for the first couple of uses is key, and then once your skin becomes more tolerant, you can increase the pressure you apply. I can't wait for you to see how you and your skin like it!

    Promising review: "I have always had skin issues. Itchy, flaky skin, lotion won't absorb, no product really helps remove the gross dead skin in high friction areas. These changed my life! Remove dead skin with ease, and aren't as coarse as those gloves you see in big box stores! I'm significantly less itchy, lotion absorbs better, and I feel better when I wear tank tops or even less! These things are a lifesaver. Most gross and satisfying, while scrubbing, I noticed the water turning gray in the tub as I scrubbed away all those dead skin cells. My allergies aren't half of what they were a week ago, and I can use all those cute soaps and lotions! I feel great. I'd buy these a million times more. I had no idea how much body soil I was retaining. I feel great after a shower and for once, I feel truly clean." —Rachel Anschuetz

    Get it from Amazon for $6.49+ (available in one-piece and two-piece options). 

    8. A stainless-steel tongue scraper designed to banish bad breath, enhance tastebuds, and reduce bacteria buildup for an ultra clean mouth. A bonus? This also restores the look of the natural color of your tongue.

    Promising review: "I never realized how much gunk was on my tongue in the mornings. Pretty disgusting actually. My mouth feels extra clean after using this. Great quality stainless steel. To sanitize it, I just dip it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. The only thing others may have an issue with is storage as it doesn't come with a case or anything. Simple solution, though. I put up a small hook next to my toothpaste and toothbrush and hang it on that." —Alexis T.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95+ (available in two colors and in two-pack options).

    9. L’Oréal 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment, a rinse-out hair treatment that works like a treat in eight, yes, you read that correctly, EIGHT seconds to fight troublesome frizz and bed head. Think: mirror-like shine and softer-than-soft locks in fine to thick textures.

    to the left, an image of brown hair and to the right, a gif of that same brown hair looking less frizzy and more shiny
    a reviewer with 3c hair showing their results

    Apply this directly to wet hair, avoiding the roots, massage it in for eight seconds, then rinse. Effort required = practically zero. You can use one dose for fine- to medium-textured hair, 2–3 doses for thick- to curly-textured hair and add one more dose if you have long hair.

    Promising reviews: "I don’t usually do reviews on products, but for this one, I absolutely have to. I have 3c type hair and struggle a lot with breakage, unmanageability, and moisture. When my mom mentioned this product to me, I didn’t take her seriously because of the simple fact that we have two completely different hair textures. I never would have thought this brand would work on my hair. I have never in my 22 years felt my hair like this. I feel like I have a completely different head of hair. This product is so amazing, and I will FOREVER be using this product in my hair regimen. Thank you so much!! ♥️" —Theressa Hailey

    "I have never had a hair product make such a fast and wonderful impact on my hair EVER! I have naturally good hair. Long and shiny.....until I went to Madison Reed and had most of it completely damaged beyond belief. My silky strands felt like hay. They were breaking. I was masking, conditioning, oiling, air drying, not brushing it, and still, it was a total tragedy. I turned to the TikTok gods and found this. ONE USE OF EIGHT SECONDS completely restored my hair to its soft shine down to the ends! If I did not use this myself, I would never have believed it. Thank god it is so reasonable in price. If you are anything like me — your hair is your crown, and when changes happen to it, it is devastating until you find a way to make it work. This stuff is a miracle product. I love it!" —Sonia

    Get it from Amazon for $9.87.

    10. A portable neck fan that works so well with its three speed settings, you'll almost feel like you have your own personal central AC system hanging around your clavicle.

    reviewer wearing the green fan
    reviewer holding the fan

    Depending on your setting, the fan can last 4–16 hours. Once it needs to be recharged, just connect it to any USB cable.

    Promising review: "This fan works! I tried another brand, and it was too noisy. At first, thought it wasn't powerful enough, but I was wrong. It kept me cool in the hot sun in Orlando at theme parks. I kept it on low most of the time as I didn’t need it higher and turned it off when inside; it lasted over eight hours. Definitely recommend. I even wore my hair down, and it didn't get tangled." —Miami girl

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in five colors).