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    34 Products Your Future Kitchen Will Thank You For

    Including hacks and other things to up your cheffing skills *and* the look of your culinary space.

    1. A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet that looks like it would cost you several paychecks, but it's so affordable it hurts. Perfect for searing steak, browning veggies, switching dishes from the stove to the oven, and (of course) making a giant skillet cookie.

    the black skillet with salmon asparagus

    BuzzFeed contributor Rachel Dunkel has this and raves: "This is the cast-iron I have, and it pretty much just lives on my stovetop because I use it so much. While cast irons are most well-known for getting a good sear on meat, it's just as — if not more — amazing at crisping up veggies to perfection. To clean, simply hand wash (I usually opt for no soap, but you do you) and rub with vegetable oil to keep it nice and seasoned."

    Get it from Amazon for $19.90 for the 10.25-inch (available in multiple sizes).

    2. And a silicone hot handle holder made for your new skillet to save you from singeing your precious hands as you go to flip your crispy, golden potatoes.

    the author using the red handle holder on a cast-iron pan with french fries in it
    Harper Hendrickson/BuzzFeed / Via BuzzFeed

    My BuzzFeed Shopping colleague Harper Hendrickson has this and tells us: "It is absolutely fantastic to be able to grab the handle of a cast-iron pan like it's a normal pan and go about cooking without burning myself. Now that I've started using this sleeve I will never use a cast-iron pan without it and recommend everyone make this improvement in their life!"

    Get it from Amazon for $6.90+ (available in six colors).

    3. A scrap trap to make post-meal cleaning a thing of the past. Trash those skins and crumbs *as* you chop, so the only heavy lifting left to do is picking up the remote to switch on your Housewives marathon.

    This also includes a brush/scraper that fits neatly in the front pocket to easily swipe scraps and crumbs into the container.

    Promising review: "Works just as described. It is so convenient to push scraps from the counter or cutting board into the scrap trap. Even though it is too big, place a plastic shopping bag in before you fill it and you will have the scraps bagged when you are done. It keeps things neat when doing prep work. Also bought one as a gift; everyone who cooks should have one." —SR

    Get it from Amazon for $19.65.

    4. A sneaky mountable jar opener because stubborn lids will have no place in your kitchen ever again thanks to metal teeth that grasp and open "glued-on" container tops. Heads up, this'll also work on everything from tiny nail polish bottles to super wide jar covers.

    Promising review: "I bought this last year and have used it many times on many different lids, even use it to open gallon milk jugs when those pesky plastic attachments just won't seem to give. I haven't found anything I try that it won't open for me. No more banging on the counter, just hold it under my cabinet and slid it in the V-shaped opening, give it a little twist to open, hardly any effort at all. It was easy to attach under the cabinet, I put mine so the wide opening faces forward. I personally think every house should have one of these." —Addie

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    5. A dry food dispenser with a fun twist design and airtight lid to keep your morning (and perhaps, midnight) meal fresh and crunchy. These will fancy up any breakfast bar — and thanks to the many TikToks, are adored by kids and adults alike.

    Promising review: "Pleasantly surprised. Saw this on a TikTok person I follow and loved how sturdy and sleek this looked. The metal plates are heavy and good quality. It comes with a stopper for the bottom so cereal stays fresh for sure and the turn around wheel is also rubber inside to kind of seal the exit. Glad I purchased it and kids love it. Originally wanted to place this in the pantry but wouldn't fit so it's on the counter which doesn't look bad." —Islander

    Get it from Amazon for $41.42 (available in a single, dual, or triple dispenser and five colors).

    6. foaming cleaner since your garbage disposal isn't just some mystery thing your dad complains about — it actually exists and now you have to deal with it, too. These foam with a lemony scent and will do the trick to deeply cleanse the underside of the splash guard and the interior side walls.

    blue foaming cleanser pushing its way out of the sink drain

    Promising review: "Easy to use. I followed directions and it works just like it says. I only use this once every month now. First use I had to do it twice (which it says if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while you may need to). Weekly I follow up with the Glisten Garbage Disposal Freshener and that keeps my disposal working well and smelling great." —Lostbraincell

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $8.

    7. Cute and customizable spice labels if minimalist packaging in sans serif fonts has you heart-eyed. This is an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to clean up that overrun spice drawer *and* with these on display, you'll finally be able to distinguish the parsley from the oregano.

    The variation of printed labels on different kinds of spice jars

    These come in customizable and standard label options, which include popular spice names like: Allspice, Black Pepper, Cayenne, etc.

    Real + Vibrant is a woman-owned small business based in Seattle that specializes in modern labels for your home and kitchen.

    Promising review: "High quality labels!! Shipping was super fast. Seller verified the custom labels I ordered in addition to the standard 80 set before shipping. I placed a label crooked, and I was able to gently lift and reapply without damage. Love how my spice cabinet looks now!" —Etsy Customer

    Get them from RealAndVibrant on Etsy for $10+ (available in multiple sizes).

    8. A perfectly sized Frywall that'll shield you *and* your stove top from hot splatters of oil to make clean up duty a lot less groanworthy.

    cooktop with a pan with the cone-shaped frywall creating a larger guard to catch oil from it

    BTW, it's BPA-free, FDA-compliant, heat-resistant up to 450 degrees F, and dishwasher-safe.

    Promising review: "The Frywall works very well and I am very pleased with it. My range top is black and you can see each little spot of grease. Before now I got really tired of cleaning my range top thoroughly each time I fried anything. You have made my life much easier. Thanks." —Laurie J. Englehardt

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95 (available in three colors).

    9. A plant-based cleaner because you spent an arm and a leg on your stainless-steel appliances and they deserve to sparkle just like the day you bought 'em. This'll tell grubby fingerprints, residue, and watermarks to take a hike.

    Promising review: "If you have a Sub-Zero fridge, you know the struggle is real when it comes to keeping it clean. It's a different type of stainless steel and shows all product residue. Then I found this stuff. Oh wow! A few seconds of polishing and it looks amazing!! it has never looked this good, this shiny, and this clean! Best product ever!" —Katerina

    Get the set of cleanser and polish from Amazon for $16.95.

    10. A Nuvo cabinet paint kit to give your kitchen a Picasso-style upgrade without the need to strip, prime, or remove your boring-looking drawers. Just be warned: This kit might increase the urge for future you to say, "Ta-daaa!" every time a new guest enters your kitchen.

    reviewer image of their brown cabinets before
    same kitchen with white painted cabinets after

    The kit comes with two cans of cabinet paint, a roller arm, two roller covers, and an angled paint brush.

    Promising review: "Amazing! Amazing! Amazing. Did take more than one coat though. My cabinets were bare wood, and I still needed a couple of coats. (Five to be exact, but that was just me being extra.) My kitchen is medium-sized, not too big, and it only took up one can. But I still went over a couple more times just to get a nice coating. I also let it sit for some days and saw the wood was sucking up the paint in some areas, so I went over it again. The project ideally does take one day like the promotion video says, but one day as in 24 hours. This took my kitchen from looking like a cheap rental apartment kitchen to a high-quality kitchen with just this paint and new knobs. The paint is perfect for cabinets — it's not too thick, so you still see the wood grains. It comes with EVERYTHING you need. I didn't have to buy a thing. The project is super easy, paint dries fast, and I did it at first by removing the cabinets, but it wasn't necessary at all. Just make sure you don't leave any dripping because it would make your cabinets look cheap. I would recommend EVERYONE to purchase this and give your cabinets a chance before making a big investment in new cabinets. Wood is wood, and it can be refinished." —Brandon Moronta

    Get it from Amazon for $79.95 (also available in gray, deep brown, mint, black, and white).

    11. Affresh dishwasher tablets if you've never thought to deep clean the appliance that does your least favorite chore for you. All you have to do is pop one of these in to dissolve residue buildup, blast away foul odors, and get your machine cleaning dishes like it used to.

    Reviewer before image of dishwasher with residue
    Reviewer after image with no buildup after using tablets

    Promising review: "I’ve been using this product for a while, and I’ve started to rely on it. I first used this out of desperation. My dishwasher was broken from a fried control panel. I eventually replaced the panel. I opened the dishwasher, and it was fairly gross. A little stagnant water gave way to some mold. I found this product and figured I’d give it a shot. I did need to use this two or three times before the dishwasher was cleaned and usable. But I find that a major win considering the shape it was in beforehand. Now I use it every month or two, and I have to say way it's easier than cleaning by hand. Definitely worth the price I paid." —Justin

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $8.99.

    12. An Our Place Always pan because Instagram's favorite kitchen mate is ::chef's kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you'll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, boil, and even serve up your signature dish.

    The green-colored pan
    Me making the filling for a chicken pot pie with text
    My photo of pancakes made in the pan with text
    Our Place, BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

    Nonstick ceramic coating? Check. Nesting beechwood spatula with built-in spoon rest? Check. Custom stainless steel steamer basket? Check check.

    BuzzFeed editor Bek O'Connell is lucky enough to have one of these and can be quoted as saying, "Sometimes I just hold mine and sigh over how nice it is! Sorry if that's lame, but it is the truth. I am love with my pan."

    Promising review: "This pan is EVERYTHING! I went from making pasta in the basket to steaming broccoli in it and then finishing my meal in there. Then I forgot about cleaning it because I’m lazy — and the nonstick cleaned up so easily. The sponge they include is incredible, I do all my dishes with it now. Also it looks really cute sitting on my stove all day." —Darby S.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in eight colors).

    13. A useful 17-piece knife set encased in a sleek acrylic block that's not just for the cooking elite. Honestly, *everyone* should have a sharp and sturdy set of choppers in their arsenal, and this impressive bunch won't disappoint since it'll have you cutting through veggies like butter — with no scraps left on the blade, thanks to their nonstick coating.

    A transparent acrylic block with the knives sticking inside
    The knives on cutting boards with meat, tomatoes, and herbs

    The set comes with 13 knives, a pair of kitchen scissors, a peeler, and a two-stage knife sharpener.

    Promising review: "These knives are great! They stay super sharp, they’re comfortable to hold, and I love how much counter space it leaves as opposed to a big bulky knife block. Fits perfectly in my minimalist kitchen!!! And it looks great on my counter, being one of the few things that I keep on my countertop! It is the perfect amount of knives without being too many knives (I don’t like things in excess)! I have never had a cheese knife before, and this baby is my favorite one in the whole set! LOL! It slices through hard cheeses like butter! Have not tried on soft cheese, but I’m sure it’ll be great because it is super sharp! I can’t say enough about how much I love these knives!!" —Sadie Allen

    Get a 17-piece set from Amazon for $64.99 (available in two colors).

    14. Boon drying rack if your collection of bottles and accessories for your tiny human has gone from cute to chaotic. This little lawn will bring order to your drying spot and hosts just about any shaped item — *and* features a tray to collect all the water.

    Bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups drying on the plastic grass rack
    Chandni Reddy / Buzzfeed

    BuzzFeed Shopping's resident parent product expert Chandni Reddy has this and raves: "Is it possible for a drying rack to be life changing? Why yes, it is. I caved and bought this grassy patch after my kitchen started to look like an episode of Hoarders. This thing instantly organized my kitchen by creating a dedicated spot for baby stuff. Bottles, pump parts, sippy cups...this bad boy can hold a LOT (at least six bottles and four cups at once) and dries everything quickly. Did I mention it's a heck of a lot more cheerful and stylish than your regular drying rack?"

    Promising review: "Newborn twins are a mess. They took over our house within moments of coming through the door. For this type A mama, it was a horrifying side effect of the two most precious things in the world. A friend gave us one lawn at our shower, and we promptly hopped on Amazon and bought a second to manage the sheer volume. The lawn and the accessories are a convenient and cute way to keep your bottles and pump parts organized. There is ample space in one for one baby's needs." —Lacey

    Get it from Amazon for $21.24+ (available in four colors).

    15. USA Pan sheet pans famous for their sturdiness in high high temps and magical nonstick abilities that are complete with easy-to-clean superpowers. I think the time has come for you to ditch the flimsy ones you've been hoarding since college, I mean...just take a look at the coating on these...drool.

    reviewer making gingerbread cookies on two different pans. The USA Pan (right) made smooth cookies and the left pan made cracked cookies
    same reviewer showing that the non-USA pan left cookies on the pan while the USA pan merely left crumbs

    Promising review: "These pans are very well made and seem very durable. They seem to conduct heat very evenly which is very important, but they also have an amazing nonstick surface that makes it a breeze to clean them. I was very impressed and I think they are well worth the money even if you only occasionally bake, because they will last a very long time." —Z

    Get it from Amazon for $16.80 or a set of two for $37.99.

    16. And some "cheat sheet" pan dividers drawing acclaim for making one-pan meals *gah* even easier. These'll streamline your trays and allow you to prepare separate ingredients based on their cook time — without losing nutritional value. *Plus* reviewers are noting that these are perfect to avoid cross contamination in households with food allergies.

    the four pan dividers with vegetables and salmon and carbs being cooked separately

    Promising review: "These are great for so many reasons. We're in a mixed gluten household (one person has celiac and is diabetic, but we are not all doing a gluten-free diet). We can portion control for carb counting and separate out gluten-free vs none on one pan. Plus, clean up is just throwing in the dishwasher!" —Jara Fansler

    Get a set of four dividers for $29.99 (available in two colors and get the full set including a pan and nine dividers for $59.99).