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    13 Controversial Questions For Cat Lovers

    Beware, cat lovers. There are some hard truths in here that you will need to come to terms with.

    1. First of all, what the hell do cats actually do? / Via

    Note: this is a GIF. Did that cat even move?

    2. ...but really, though?


    Is this cat even breathing?

    3. You can't be serious? / Via

    WTF is this?

    4. Do you honestly find this angry loaf of bread to be...cute?

    5. Do you enjoy having a pet who constantly judges you? / Via

    Don't we get that enough from people?

    6. You are aware that your cat is just plotting your demise, right?

    7. Do you enjoy spending time with them as much as they seem to enjoy spending time with you?

    8. You are aware they're just using you for your thumbs, right?


    9. Do they even have any actual values?

    When you say "no" to your pet - Dog: Oh man I'm SO sorry. I hate disappointing you like this. Cat: *destroys something*

    @unfitz / Via

    10. Do you enjoy sleeping under a shredded blanket every night?

    if by "cat person" you mean I like to sleep all day, hate most people, & thrive on the internet, then yes. I'm a cat person.

    @itsdamntru / Via

    11. Just, why?


    Clearly this cat is vegan.

    12. Aren't dogs just...better? / Via

    When was the last time you saw a cat smile like this?

    13. Converted yet?

    How cute are these guys?? They're available for adoption TODAY! (We're open 12-6)

    Cute, loyal and friendly...I rest my case.

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