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    30 Hair Tools And Accessories That People Actually Swear By

    Because of these products: *Bad hair days have finally left the chat.*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A scalp massager shampoo brush for your most relaxing and therapeutic shower yet. Gently scrub away impurities as you sing that song that's been stuck in your head all day for a truly deep cleanse that's good for your scalp and your soul.

    2. A cutesy fleece makeup headband to hold your mane back (without straining your hairline) and out of your skincare routine — because you'll handle those annoying wisps in a minute, but right now you're trying to apply your serums in peace.

    Reviewer wearing pink headband

    3. A flat iron that's lauded by reviewers for getting their hair smooth, straight *and* shining in just a couple passes — so you no longer have to spend ~hours in front of the mirror awkwardly going over the same lock of hair 10 times. Plus, you can even achieve salon-worthy curls!

    4. Satin pillowcases because how else are you supposed to get your beauty rest if you're not laying on something that makes you feel like actual royalty? These will make for a divine (but affordable) accompaniment to your bedroom decor, while the matte satin finish will keep your hair tangle and frizz free.

    Two pink satin pillowcases.

    5. The CreaClip set (yup, from Shark Tank!) aka the godsend we've all been waiting to save us from grimace-worthy quarantine cuts. If you've gone months or perhaps close to a year (#me) without seeing your go-to hairdresser, the CreaClip will help you measure a straight, sharp line so you can work your scissors confidently.

    6. A Bunzee Band that has adjustable beads to customize the length. It hold buns, puffs, and updos with no stress — and that goes for your head as well! These are cushioned with a soft outer layer for extra comfort and snag-free removal.

    7. A silicone mat to avoid heat tools burning a hole through your vanity or bathroom countertops. You can also wrap the mat around your appliance for easy storage or when you don't have enough time for the appliance to cool down.

    8. A knotted headband because I don't know about you, but ~dressing up~ these days rarely consists of anything more than accessorizing sweats with au naturale tresses and a cute hairpiece to keep strands in one place. This accessory meets that criteria, ergo it's a solid addition to any WFH uniform.

    9. A Crave Naturals detangling brush which tells knots and tangles to take a hike with its unique, cone-shaped bristles that work to separate the hair sideways. Gliding through your tresses without pain or breakage has never been more effortless; and reviewers with all different hair types noted how easy it was to use, thanks to its curved shape.

    10. A massive pack of velvet hair scrunchies because cute, snag-free updos have finally met their soulmate. And with all these fab hues, you'll be spoilt for choice on who to swipe right on first.

    A bunch of scrunchies in various colors.

    11. A pack of nonslip biodegradable hair ties for anyone who could use a re-up on their elastics (it's time to stop asking roommates if they have a spare one). These are also compostable, so they break down when placed in a compost!

    12. A foldable bonnet hair dryer to emulate the salon treatment you've been yearning after (but without the discomfort of sitting under the hooded dryers for an unbearable amount of time). This goes on your head like a bonnet and has your hairdryer connected at the other end, so you can achieve bouncy curls from the comfort of your couch.

    13. A Machete claw clip in a simply chic print for the days when you want your hair out of your face — without compromising your styling efforts.

    14. A hair finishing stick because if you've been on the hunt for a solution to smooth down your baby hairs, halt your search! This nifty applicator is made with plant oils and it'll clean up flyaways that simply refuse to cooperate.

    15. A set of transparent spiral hair ties, aka the new wrist accessory we love to wear and have on hand to keep our ponies secure without snagging.

    16. Faux pearl hair clips to fancy up any down or updo instantly. Plus, donning these accessories will add a little regal-inspired flare to show you may or may not have spent the first month of the year bingeing Bridgerton.

    17. A Chi automatic curling iron to give you ~swoon-worthy~ curls in mere minutes. Once you insert your chosen strands, this ingenious tool automatically wraps it around the heated rod — and by some kind of wizardry, it'll reveal a perfectly set curl.

    18. A Revlon one-step hairdryer and volumizer brush because when I hear the Spice Girls song "2 become 1," I like to think they're referring to this incredible time-saving tool. Enter: the blow-drying brush of your dreams — it handles two jobs in one go, and cuts your routine in half so you can achieve silky smooth, frizz-free locks in ~20 minutes.

    19. Drybar alligator sectioning clips to make blow-drying, curling, straightening, and basically any kind of hairstyling less of a process and more of a simple, three step SCS method (section, clip, style). Reviewers with thick hair rave about their durability and success of holding up even waist-length hair!

    The yellow hair clips

    20. A super-absorbent microfiber towel hat set with cat ears, a button nose, and whiskers to give towel-dried hair a whole new adorable meaning. This'll also assist you on your journey to dry tresses without the need for heat or rough, frizz-causing material most bath towels have.

    21. Flexible foam curling rods to achieve bouncy, voluminous waves and curls sans damaging heat. Just wrap your hair around these babies when your hair is damp and moisturized and either pop them under a dryer or let them work their magic overnight for soft, easy, natural-looking tresses.

    22. A rose quartz crystal comb for anyone looking to ~reenergize~ their haircare routine. This hand-carved comb detangles using healing properties of rose quartz and works to increase scalp circulation. I call witch craft, but, also, it makes for an absolutely *stunning* addition to any vanity!

    The pink rose quartz comb

    23. A satin-lined sleep beanie to retain your hairs moisture and prevent any of the breakage or static-y feeling that cotton pillows can leave you with come the a.m. It's also the perfect solution if you want to preserve just-done curls.

    24. A donut-shaped bun maker so you can achieve a flawless ballerina bun on the first go. You'll be pirouetting your way out of your bathroom knowing you had zero do-overs with the help of this set.

    25. A 24-hour edge tamer lays your hairline without any leftover residue. It works on several textures like Brazilian, virgin, or natural hair — plus it's made with hair-loving ingredients like argan oil which retains your texture's natural moisture.

    26. And a double-side gentle brush that has also has a comb specifically designed just for your edges — for the days when you want to create a snatched, sleek look.

    27. A detangler brush that reviewers with thick and/or curly hair are calling a total game-changer. This tool works from the root to tip to say sayonara to tangled coils and does wonders with both wet and dry tresses.

    28. A hair diffuser attachment to make blow-drying arm cramps a problem we never have to deal with ever again. With over 90 air vents, this cuts down drying time (even for thick locks) and creates frizz-free curls that compliment your hair's natural texture.

    29. A Conair wand curling iron that works like magic to help even first-time wand users achieve soft ringlets or beachy waves. This only takes 30 seconds to heat up and has a 1.5-inch ceramic iron.

    30. A Crown Affair towel which gives wet hair the royal treatment not only because it looks like the fancy kinds you find in spas, but its waffle microfiber material dramatically reduces drying time *and* it's super gentle on your tresses. And one more thing: just look at that elastic strap to secure the towel end — you could probably do cartwheels while your hair dries and never have to worry about it toppling off!

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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