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    46 Gifts Dad Will Actually Be Excited To Open On Father's Day

    For the dad who says he doesn't want anything — things are about to change.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Father's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the June 20th!

    1. A phone camera lens kit if your papa loves to document his #dadlife. This high-def, four-in-one kit will upgrade his photography skills, and saves him from having to shell out for that pricey DSLR camera he's been harping on about for the past five years.

    2. A fourth-gen Echo Dot for the dad who could really use some help organizing his day. With Alexa (in place of you) as his assistant, he can play his favorite tunes, set alarms, and even order some Friday night za.

    3. A lip-smacking white truffle-infused hot sauce any foodie will be left drooling over. With this spicy condiment, dad will be able to fancy up a boring ol' burger and some wings faster than he can challenge you to a Hot Ones competition.

    4. A handheld vacuum-sealed beer cooler that fits most bottles and cans and replaces any need to refrigerate. This nifty koozie will now allow him to socialize at gatherings with a cold one in hand at all times — and ultimately, make his backyard hangs all the more ~chill~.

    5. Or a beer preserver in the form of a cute little life jacket, because there's definitely a dad joke somewhere in there that relates to how it's a matter of life or death to keep his brewski chilled...

    The orange and blue life jackets holding the beers

    6. An Atlas Coffee Club box for the dad with a refined palette for good-tasting java. This subscription service ensures every morning will be a good one since he can try freshly roasted beans from other parts of the world every few weeks. Flavor notes from Colombia? The tantalizing taste of Tanzania? All delivered straight to his door.

    A top down image of a map of the world with a bag of coffee and trail of beans coming from Brazil

    7. A veritably versatile Yeti insulated mug with over 50,000 reviews that boast of its ability to keep coffee, soup, even oatmeal so warm that your giftee will have to blow before taking a sip (or bite). And it's just perfect for the father who says he doesn't want anything... trust us, he *wants* this.

    A black Yeti Rambler mug

    8. A pair of L.L. Bean moccasins designed to keep dad's toes warm without overheating, thanks to their moisture-wicking insides. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that these fluffy home shoes will look fab paired with a newspaper on a Sunday — and were *made* to be elevated upon a footstool.

    9. An unbelievably adorable display stand — a practical gift for them *and* you so you never have to hear the words "have you seen my specs?!" yelled out from the other side of the house ever again.

    10. A Book of the Month subscription, aka a delightful way to ~treat their shelf~ to the latest hardcovers they've been wanting to read (or, better yet, introducing them to new ones they didn't even know existed!). This takes the guesswork out of gifting them a new novel for each special occash', and sends the best of the best in new releases straight to their house.

    11. A waterproof phone pouch for the outdoorsy dad who inundates you with fishing and kayaking pics. This'll provide some built-in reassurance so they can show you their big Catch of The Day without any accidents.

    12. A heartfelt fill-in-the-blank book if you both have a hard time expressing your emotions verbally. This'll get even the grumpiest of dads feeling all gushy inside.

    Person holding the book titled What I Love About Dad by Me

    13. A pair of Bose wireless noise-cancelling headphones for the music-, podcast-, and silence-loving dad. These will sit comfortably over his ears, blast high-quality sound, and are the investment you should make if your father is a fan of cancelling out any and all environmental distractions.

    the white bose headphones in their case on a desk

    14. A set of Diamond-shaped whiskey glasses that defy gravity and all of our opinions about every other Scotch-drinking vessel — because these stylish bar accessories are so unique, I'm literally left speechless. (But I will say, these are certainly an upgrade from the "#1 Dad" mug your pa currently insists on drinking out of!)

    Reviewer image of the filled glasses beside a bottle of whiskey and some steak

    15. A pair of LED flashlight gloves for the notoriously hard-to-shop-for dad. These snazzy gadgets might not be something they'd pick out for themselves, but once they put them to use — they'll wonder where they've been their entire lives!

    reviewer image of a dad wearing the gloves and trying to get splinter out of his son's hand

    16. A set of Bear Paws shredder claws for the grill master who likes to take charge at family BBQs. These handy tools will have tender meat pulled and cut into pieces, without the aggravated grunts that usually come from using a regular ol' knife and fork.

    17. A personalized, full-grain leather dopp kit bag since dad doesn't believe in keeping all his toiletries in one neat place. This'll help him know where his razor and aftershave is at all times, and might we suggest adding some travel-sized goodies to make this gift *extra* special?

    the tan leather toiletry bag

    18. A 3D Game of Thrones map puzzle because a rainy day getting lost in this game while (yet again) bingeing the series sounds like some qual' fam time we could all use a little more of.

    the puzzle

    19. A jerky advent-style calendar that comes with 25 beef jerky bits and some accompanying dad jokes to wash them down with.

    The box the calendar comes in with the words "Beef Jerky Dad-vent Calendar" on the front with the 25 jerky bits on display

    20. A beer dispenser because who wouldn't want their beer nice, cold, and fizzy? It works with any beer and turns it into a Nitro-Style Draft.

    The front of the beer dispenser with the brand name "FIZZICS" etched across the front of it

    21. A memory foam seat cushion so their bum never has to grace an uncomfy wooden chair ever again. If he's the type of dad who complains about lower back pain, but never does anything about it, gift him with some comfort in the form of a gel-based pillow that relieves pressure *and* improves posture.

    Reviewer image of the cushion on their office chair

    22. A Tushy bidet to transform their throne into a visit to the waterpark. This easy-to-install device will ensure their nethers are cleaner than clean, plus it'll create less TP waste, and looks ultra sleek — hello, bamboo finish.

    23. A pair of Tree Dashers from Allbirds for your runner, walk-taker, or comfort-loving father. These breezy kicks are made with eucalyptus fiber or breathability and flexibility, while their cushiony insoles provide tons of comfortable support.

    24. A personalized whiskey making kit, because your dad most likely takes pride in his bartending skills and this gift will help him bolster his reputation.

    The wooden whiskey barrel with a personalized name on the front

    25. A massage gun that will ease your dad's aching back and give him a much-needed boost to help him stay in tip-top shape.

    The massage gun with the included accessories

    26. An inflatable lounger for the dad who doesn't do deck chairs. Blow up this portable couch anywhere from the beach to the backyard, so the king of the family can melt into full on signing off from royal duties mode.

    Reviewer sitting in the inflatable couch at the beach

    27. An incredible multi-tool that has all the capabilities of a Swiss Army knife, but looks like the size of a wallet-friendly credit card. With 40 tools in one, including wrenches, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, can opener, pry bar, cord cutter, and hex bit driver, dad's new party trick will be handling quick fixes in any and every scenario.

    28. A portable espresso maker ideal for your on-the-go daddio who absolutely insists on having a mini shot of caffeine to get their day going.

    29. A camping hammock for the dad whose dream is to be the envy of every hiker at the campsite. Because this useful (and fun) accessory will have them relaxing attached to their car, or swaying beneath the trees in little to no time.

    30. A subscription to Vices, which delivers a curated box of luxury treats, like fine wines, foods, gadgets, tools, spirits, accessories, and tech items, so every month will feel like Dad's Day.

    one of the boxes laid out and styled

    31. A Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook, a reusable, eco-friendly pad that will allow your pop to jot down an infinite amount of notes, best-selling book ideas, grocery lists, etc. scan them to their device, and then wipe the page clean to start over. 🤯 = them after you gift 'em with the most innovative piece of "stationery" to ever exist.

    32. An air fryer from the trusted food pros that brought us the Instant Pot. If dad's been looking for a kitchen helper, this futuristic-looking device might just be it, because whipping up anything from fried chicken to crispy 'taters in record time has never been easier *and* with this, he'll be able to cook with less greasy mess.

    33. A personalized star print for their first Father's Day, or their fifteenth! This heartfelt gift is sure to bring back *awwwl* the feels from that momentous day.

    The Day You Became a Dad print

    34. A Shiatsu massaging pillow with a heating function and ergonomic design to soothe all sorts of bodily aches and pains. Since most of us aren't able to get a good massage IRL these days, gift dad with an at-home solution to knead away all his problems.

    the massager lit up sitting on an arm chair

    35. A Finders Seekers game subscription that'll keep the whole fam, (but namely detective dad) entertained for hours. With Escape Room-esque challenges, he can explore new cities and attempt to crack mystery codes each month.

    36. A restaurant-style pizza stone for the dad whose greatest desire is to create the most delicious-tasting slice. With this, he can expect fluffy, crispy, perfectly-cooked za delivered fresh outta the oven every time.

    37. A bottle of Paco Rabbane Invictus Eau de Toilette featuring a fresh fragrance of sea grapefruit and guaiac wood, so he can ~elevate~ his grooming routine when he's got somewhere nice to be. Plus, the trophy-shaped bottle, that's worthy of the five-star reviews, will make a great display piece in his bathroom.

    the fragrance in a trophy-shaped bottle

    38. A heavyweight flannel your ~now cool~ dad won't ever want to take off since this style levels up a classic basic by adding extra warmth in its weight — making it a cross between a jacket and a shirt. And it even has hand-warming pockets, perfect for when he's stuck in line waiting outside at the post office.

    Model wearing green and navy plaid shirt

    39. A personalized chopping board so when it's dad's night to cook, he can claim full ownership of the kitchen. Warning: this gift might result in some Gordon Ramsay energy...

    the engraved chopping board

    40. A Golf ball whiskey chiller for golfer-dads or just whiskey-dads. These gems will be a hit no matter their hobbies, and reviewers say they keep their favorite cocktails refreshingly cold for longer than they expected.

    A whiskey glass with two glass golf ball chillers

    41. A jerky sampler box to serve the adventurous eater of the house. This selection of meats will afford him the ability to show off his ~interesting~ ice breakers at the next family reunion... "Who here has tried Ostrich meat?!" He'll say.

    42. A cast-iron skillet because they're in need of a do-it-all kitchen companion to withstand their high-heat-cooking and general love of all things seared.

    the cast iron skillet with chicken and vegetables inside of it

    43. A tabletop fire pit so you two can toast some marshmallows and reminisce on the many fires from your camping trips and cozy nights in the backyard (all from the comfort of your couch).

    the burning tabletop fire pit

    44. A set of two ballpark pint glasses to showcase their team's stomping (or playing) grounds. They might even love this more than a box of Cracker Jacks and an overpriced hot dog!

    four ballpark printed pint glasses showcasing different teams and stadiums