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    32 Things Under $50 That’ll Bring A Tear To Any Style Enthusiast’s Eye

    Pass us the tissues, because we're saying "yes" to the dress(es), jewelry, accessories, and skirts in this list.

    1. A truly adorable pair of bike shorts featuring a crossover hem that won't roll down when you're running, chillin', or Sunday brunchin'. We foresee *a lot* of people dropping into your comments asking "where are these from?"

    model wearing the pink floral printed shorts

    2. A faux alligator print handbag that I literally gasped at the moment I laid eyes on it. It's structured, chic (can also be worn as a cross-body), and does not look like it was under $30!

    3. A cut out ribbed bodysuit serving up major I just attended NYFW vibes. And even if you didn't, this is the type of look that will make your sidewalk feel like your very own runway.

    model wearing the white bodysuit

    4. A Free People cutoff denim mini ready to be paired with fall's favorite shoe: Boots. We're talking OTK, ankle-length, calf height... I could go on, but I think there's better use of your time, like carting this bb.

    5. A marbled satin skirt that has bottomless brunch written all over it. I foresee French toast or some chocolate chip pancakes looking (and tasting) delish with this beauty.

    the marble-printed skirt with different hues of brown

    6. A thick knit duster cardigan ready to swaddle your body in. The moment you bury yourself in this, you'll wonder why it's taken you so long to make some updates to your threads.

    model wearing the pink cardigan

    7. A padded shoulder bodysuit gifted with the ability to *hooray* never have to be tucked or re-tucked into your jeans or skirts. In this snazzy basic — I mean GODSEND — you'll just have one gloriously seamless finish.

    8. A wildly fun printed pair of mismatched bandana socks just waiting to peek out of loafers, sneakers, and booties. We suggest pairing these with a monochromatic 'fit that'll make your OOTD really pop.

    the red and white bandana printed socks

    9. A satin dress centered around what I imagine is like a fairy tale for those who have wanderlust for Paris. Because the second you slip this on, you might have the urge to say "Au revoir!" to all the dresses that came before it.

    the blue satin dress with a thin scarf detail

    10. A chic plaid shirt jacket proving to us why fall is indeed the most fashionable season of them all. Pop this over leggings, jeans, or skirts for infinite, easy-to-style outfits ready to seek out some foliage.

    model wearing the white and black plaid overshirt

    11. A totally cute lil' 16-karat gold-plated ring capable of bringing a smile to each and every outfit you pair it with. And because it's adjustable and of "excellent quality" as some reviewers mention, accessorizing it with your daily cup of coffee could quite easily turn you into a morning person.

    smily face on double banded ring

    12. Fuzzy strapped slippers that your feet have been patiently waiting to switch out the flip-flops for. Finally! It's once again appropriate for your piggies to be rocking these ultra chic house shoes.

    the leopard print two strap slippers

    13. A relaxed-fit sleeveless top, which – get this – has a cutesy tie-up back! Which basically means, strolling through the farmer's market on a Sunday just got, you're welcome, a lot more chic.

    14. Coated cuffed shorts, the style we predict will zhoosh up any and every fall-inspired ensemble. Mark your calendars, because these babies will take up most of your September and October days and nights.

    model wearing the chocolate brown shorts

    15. A cozy blanket scarf in a brushed plaid that's long enough to be wrapped up and nuzzled into as you traipse through a blustery park full of crunchy leaves.

    model wearing the blue, orange, and purple scarf

    16. A sleek fitted romper created with what I suspect is an '80s Jane Fonda workout video in mind. We could all use a little Jane-spo in our closets — especially when it means one piece can work as both a pair of shorts *and* a top all at the same time.

    model wearing the beige colored unitard

    17. Handcrafted arch-shaped earrings made of lightweight clay that'll make you and your lobes swoon. Because these babies won't weigh you down or get in the way of your to-dos...your to-dos including making it to happy hour with enough time to take advantage of $6 margs.

    the white and blush marble earrings with gold foil details

    18. A crochet puff-sleeved top to inject some festival fashion into your regular day-to-day. Because even if you didn't make it to one this year, this top carries all the main stage energy that'll make you feel like you danced all weekend (minus the exhaustion).

    model wearing the white and multi-colored crochet top

    19. Corduroy sneakers with fuzzy shearling lining, because cooler temps are just around the corner and if you're someone who likes to continue wearing slip-ons sans socks these need to be in your arsenal.

    the cream colored sneakers

    20. A cutesy button-up PJ set exemplifying that cozy jersey fabric paired with a whimsy print are indeed the things that dreams are made of.

    the blue sky with clouds and rainbow printed set

    21. A customizable Morse Code necklace so dainty and personalized it's like monogrammed jewelry that's all the more exciting. Now you can adorn your neck with something special that's just your little secret... (Don't worry, no one will know that your message says "style icon.")

    a person wearing the morse code necklace in gold

    22. Faux leather leggings to upgrade the see-through ones you've been lounging in since the beginning of the pandem'. It's time to dig out your oversized sweater and beanie since their new, full-coverage counterpart awaits.

    model wearing the black leggings

    23. A cotton flutter-sleeved tee for a basic with some added va va voom. AKA the perfect look for all-day meetings that inevitably turn into 5 p.m. "let's carry on with this discussion at the bar across the street..." meetings.

    the grey flounce sleeved top

    24. A floor length off-shoulder jumpsuit you'll be ready to dive right into when you have five minutes to get dressed. Slip on some slides, sandals, or sneaks and you've got a head-to-toe look that took zero brainpower (or time!).

    25. Cozy knee-high socks just waiting to be taken on your annual apple picking trip. Because if fall stocking stuffers were a thing, I'm pretty sure these would be on everyone's list.

    three models wearing knee high cable knit style socks

    26. A square neck cropped long-sleeve sweater so darling you'll want to take her everywhere, introduce her to new and old flames...and match her up with every pair of bottoms you already own.

    model wearing the pink sweater

    27. Pointed cutout ankle booties ready to give your feet dream-like comfort *and* style all year round — because there's nothing these sophisticated slip-ons can't do. Dresses? Jeans? Skirts? We'll probably Insta story all three!

    the snakeskin boot

    28. A tie-dye maxi wrap dress blessed with the good fortune to be taken to a wedding or just on a day out with the fam'. Either way, you're guaranteed to receive an abundance of compliments from admirers along the way.

    the olive and white tie-dye dress

    29. A belted faux leather shirt that's essentially like wearing a magical cloak — because dressed in this, no one will ever know that you just spent the entire weekend bingeing Modern Love decked out in sweats.

    30. A Lively mesh striped bra where function meets style in one buttery-soft basic. Perfect for those peek-a-boo tops that allow for a ~tasteful~ slither of a brassière to be on display.

    model wearing the emerald green bra

    31. High-waisted wide-leg corduroy pants, a look so easy and comfy you'll wish all your pants could magically *poof* turn into these trendy mainstays.

    model wearing the cream pants

    32. A top-rated sweater dress if you're looking for something to replicate your favorite throw blanket. This has sleeves and so much style that if you do decide to follow through with plans, you won't feel like you're missing out on the coziness of your couch.

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