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    34 Incredibly Easy Ways To Get Healthier Hair

    Warning: these tips may increase the amount of hair flips you do each day.

    1. Target the source of any hair ish' — we're looking at you, scalp — with a tried and true treatment from Head and Shoulders. Its cooling no-rinse-required formula is supercharged with menthol and peppermint oils that work to balance dryness and itchiness for up to 24 hours. And of course, it's great for eradicating pesky flakes!

    Reviewer before and after image with dandruff and then without "works with one use!!" text overlaid

    2. Instead of working a product through your hair with your fingers, comb a treatment mask through your tresses from root to tip. This'll be a more effective way to deep treat your split ends, dry, or over-processed locks with a nourishing product and! Bonus: prevent product waste.

    model with curly hair getting mask combed through their hair with text "use less product by pulling it through from root to ends." text overlaid

    3. Restore damaged tresses with an impressive, shine-inducing product like Verb Ghost Oil. True to its name, you'll barely even notice this lightweight formula that smoothes frizz in just a few pumps. Its blend of Moringa oil and essential nutrients fight humidity-causing fluffiness and promote bouncy, star-studded locks so you can banish "brittle hair" from your vernacular.

    4. Master braiding your own hair with a sleek fishtail look in eight simple steps. It may *look* like a wizard created this fancy fixed style, but once you learn the basics, it's a really easy way to keep hair put — especially in warmer temps. (And! You may want to secure it with some mini hair ties.)

    Graphic of the eight step process in doing a fishtail braid

    5. Balance your scalp's pH levels (so long, irritation) and promote hair growth with all-natural castor oil, aka the easy, clean alternative to restore fuller locks. Free from any bad stuff, this formula is rich in vitamins and fatty acids which work to create a healthy-looking and -feeling mane.

    6. Reach for a cotton T-shirt the next time you want a gentle way to dry your hair. It prevents breakage and absorbs moisture without causing split ends because newsflash: some towels can actually be kinda damaging to delicate (particularly curly) hair!

    BuzzFeeder with a t-shirt wrapped around their head

    7. Or! If you're in a pinch, try a super-absorbent and lightweight microfiber towel which cuts drying time in half (I repeat, *in half*) and won't strain your hairline like a regular ol' cotton towel would.

    8. Take care of natural hair with a weekly, or even ten-day, wash to avoid it from drying out. But! If you find your hair is actually more on the oily side, switch to washing it twice a week.

    9. And when you DO decide to get your natural hair sudsy, use curl-specializing formulas like a hydrating cowash. It gently cleanses the scalp of residue and blends shea butter and oils from coconuts and avocados to lock in moisture between washes, while also detangling. I will now bid your frizz-filled days adieu!

    10. Don't skip the step of using a heat protectant when styling as this acts as a barrier between your fragile strands and blazing hot tools. This spray is even jam-packed with hair-loving 'gredients like: argan, coconut, and olive oil to not only shield your strands, but eliminate frizz and leave it with a glorious sheen.

    Side by side image of reviewer with ringlet curls and then with pin straight hair

    11. Familiarize yourself with your ~hair type~ so you can shop smarter for your #haircaregoals. Think: Shea Moisture styling milk for defining natural, curly hair, and something like L'Oréal volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give fine, straight hair more body and shape.

    Graphic of four different hair types from straight to tight curls

    12. Ditch damage caused by bleaching and coloring with a cult-fave at-home Olaplex hair repair treatment. It's a star at reversing breakage and treating compromised hair as in as little as 10 minutes, behold: texture is improved and straw-like locks are softened.

    Elena with a side by side image of her hair "Before — just my super damaged hair asking me to put it out of its misery." and "After six weeks of using Olaplex twice a week"

    13. Soak up excess oil with dry shampoo *powder* that also adds volume to treat your hair with a formula that's more gentle than traditional sprays. And! This'll actually refresh your hair thanks to rice starch, lavender oil, and more — instead of simply disguising greasy roots.

    Reviewer showing before and after of hair less greasy

    14. Go easy on the amount of product you use per wash. I know, I know, it's tempting to throw on a palm-sized dollop of conditioner anytime you decide to wash your hair, but all that excess adds extra weight. Ergo, less is more goes for this as well, friends.

    Graphic of beauty serving size illustrated with food items

    15. Deeply cleanse away build up that dulls your shine (see: shampoo, conditioner, and coloring residue) by using Neutrogena's clarifying shampoo. All you need is a weekly rinse to revive roots and leave strands feeling silky and shiny.

    16. Turn up the volume on limp, lackluster locks with a spritz of Living Proof's dry volume blast™, which won't weigh hair down *and* it protects your 'do from UV damage. Plus, this stuff is buildable, so depending on where you are on a scale from 1 to Dolly Parton, you can create as much oomph at your roots as you desire since this won't leave any stiffness or sticky residue.

    Split image of model before and after using the full dry volume blast with much fuller, thicker-looking hair

    17. Introduce intervals between bleaching by using a purple hair mask. You can expect brighter hair in just five minutes, which means blondes can remain platinum fresh and coloring sessions can be halved. Plus! With a combo of soy protein, vitamin B5, and hydrating super oils, you can undo damage to keep tresses touchably soft.

    Reviewer showing a before with yellowy hair and after with neutralized lighter hair

    18. Achieve effortless beach waves sans red-hot stylers by sectioning off and twisting your (slightly damp) hair before bed. You'll need: bobby pins at night and a spritz of hairspray in the morning!

    Aimee Song showing an eight step process of twisting her damp hair into an an updo

    19. Lessen the burden of breakage by switching to a detangling brush that reviewers with curly and thick hair are raving tackles knots and tangles ~head on~ and *without* painful tearing or pulling. So basically, the days of you competing in a shedding competition with your pooch are OVER.

    20. Opt to lower the heat setting on your diffuser to avoid hair fry, cc: heat causing more frizz. If you're questioning whether you need a diffuser, then let me just give that three thumbs up. Because if you're setting out on a journey for smoother 'dos, this'll get you right on track since targeted heat means less damage (and, pro tip: when you hold it at an angle, you can define curls easily).

    model getting her hair styled with a diffuser with the text "hold diffuser at an angle so curls don't smush" overlaid

    Helloooo, d-e-f-i-n-i-t-i-ó-n!

    same model from above with before and after with defined coils

    21. Tie up tresses with coil hair bands that'll not only have you waving ta-ta to ponytail creases, but they're a lot more gentle than those of the elastic variety. And! They can even keep heavy hair in place while lessening the strain on your hairline.

    model with four hair coils in their updo

    22. Recharge your tired mane with a 10-in-1 spray... yes, TEN-in-one, folks. It takes care of everything from detangling, frizzies, split ends, and even provides heat protection up to 445 degrees F. Simply spritz it on your damp hair and let it do all the work, so you can get a salon-worthy blowout without the price tag or the need for nine other products!

    23. Transform your look without the need for damaging hair fryers with a simple yet seriously badass faux hawk. The pièce de résistance? You can easily style this in the face of humidity (especially when you seal it with some hairspray). We see you, hairfluencer.

    24. Treat overprocessed and overexposed locks to a dose of L'Oréal protein recharge. Pick your poison: whether its heat styling, dye jobs, or just general dryness, this powerhouse blend of almond extracts and protein elixirs hits the reset button to both strengthen and protect your hair from further, unavoidable damage.

    25. Revive the shine that once was with a Elizavecca collagen treatment that repairs locks that have endured multiple coloring sessions, intense heat tools, or sun damage. Because run-your-fingers-through-with-ease hair is back, baby, thanks to five minutes with an enriching formula. Cue slo-mo hair flip.

    Bek showing her hair before using the treatment and after two uses with shinier softer hair

    26. Consider leaving your hair tools on read from time to time and instead, style with a headwrap. This *stunning* accessory not only looks amazing, but it'll do wonders for your hair, too, since it protects it from environmental stressors. TL;DR: we could all use a break from technology — your mane included.

    Cheat sheet of BuzzFeeder Morgan showing a six step process of how to place and wear a headwrap

    27. Make frizzy manes a thing of the past with a dollop of Garnier leave-in conditioning cream. Not all heroes wear capes, but this team of vitamins B3 and B6, plus argan oil and citrus protein, are the ones fighting off humidity *and* leaving locks with a reflective shine.

    hand holding the Garnier Fructis bottle

    28. Say "Au revoir!" to dull-looking length, thanks to Pantene's deep conditioning treatment. Its fast-acting (we're talking 180 seconds of singing in the shower fast) repairing formula will bring on the shine and miraculously cuts drying time, leaving hair hy-dra-ted.

    model with long healthy-looking hair

    29. Soothe a dry, itchy scalp that's home to pesky dandruff with a shampoo brush. It a) reinvigorates, b) exfoliates, and c) stimulates the roots to really get that deep, deep clean. Plus, it can also be used to gently detangle any knots!

    30. Whip up an at-home remedy that restores damaged strands, and just happens to smell divine, with a super easy DIY hair mask. The only two ingredients? Honey (to moisturize and nourish your locks with natural antioxidants) and baby oil. Yessiree, it hydrates the skin — and works just as well for your thirsty tresses.

    model showing before and after of their hair with the after being softer more defined waves

    31. Think twice before reaching for that curling iron and instead, snag some affordable flexible curling rods. With these, you can achieve bouncy, voluminous curls without consistent heat: When your hair is damp and moisturized, just wrap strands around each one and let them work their magic overnight for soft, easy, natural-looking waves.

    32. Dreams do come true because you can rest easy knowing that there's something that won't compromise your hairdo, like wearing a satin bonnet to bed. Something like this protects your hair from frizzing overnight, even if you're known for tossing and turning.

    graphic of five ways to sleep without ruining your hair: pineapple, satin bonnet, satin pillowcase, two-strand twists, and french braid

    33. Procure the help of a deeply nourishing leave-in argan oil treatment if you've ever seen your hair sizzle. This stuff works to repair from the root and restores your hair's natural strength and shine — so even over-processed, dried-out tresses have another chance at life.

    34. Might we suggest an alternative to blow drying your hair post-workout — or even just after a shower? Enter: a quick 'n' easy braid thrown up in a bun that'll stay in place if your hair is wet and create a nice, natural wave once you take it out. (And for extra softness, smooth in some serum.)

    model having his hair braided and twisted into a bun

    You and your hair from here on out:

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