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13 Ways Anyone Can Make A Difference

Something as small as a phone call can go a long way!

There are a LOT of questions we've been asking ourselves this year. Namely, how did we get here?! And many of us have been left thinking, Sooo, what's next?

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With so much uncertainty, it's hard to keep track of what day, week, or month it is. And it's puzzling to know where to go from here.

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But if you're trying to take small, positive steps as the world opens back up, we've got a few ways you can help to make a big difference within your community and beyond:

1. Let your voice be heard.

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If you're 18 years or older and an eligible US voter, make sure you're registered to vote — and then go out and do it! With so many important issues at stake this year — racial justice, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, climate change, student loan debt, and income inequality, just to name a few — now, more than ever, voting is one of the most effective ways to enact change.

2. Become a community organizer.

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In light of recent events, members of local communities are rallying together to make a change for those around them. So even if you're not venturing outside, you can still participate in your community by engaging with, or setting up, a social media page, for instance. Do your research, talk to others around you, and think about advertising events that let community members know what is being done locally. A community social media page can bring people together and make them feel closer and more responsive to each other, especially in times of isolation.

3. Consider getting involved in a network for mutual aid.

4. Build or join a community garden.

5. Tap into some virtual volunteer opportunities.

6. Continue to support Black-owned businesses.

7. Take part in a park cleanup.

8. Support local eateries while feeding frontline workers.

9. Sign up to become a bone marrow donor.

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For many, this can seem like a daunting task. But global donor centers allow you to register online from the comfort of your own home. They send a swab kit to your house, you mail it back, and just like that you could be a match to save someone's life.

10. Donate your quarantine cut.

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If your hair length is starting to reflect the number of months you've been inside, it might be time for a chop. So if you're ready to make the cut, and the amount you snip off happens to be at least 12 inches, you should consider donating it to a nonprofit to help those in need.

11. Clean out your closet.

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With so many months being stuck inside, we're sure you've had some extra time on your hands to do a purge on your closet. And if not, now's the time! As most clothing donation stores are slowly opening up with restrictions, you can find organizations that will pick up your unwanted items from your house and deliver them to families in need. Depending on your area, some charitable clothing drives are offering convenient, contactless curbside pickups!

12. Clean off your bookshelves.

13. And show up for the causes you care about.

If you have other suggestions or ways you've done something small to make a big difference, we'd love to hear it! Comment below and let us know how you've turned this year around for others around you.

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