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    Calling All Dog Owners – New Customers At Woofles Can Get 15% Off Their Stylish Harnesses

    The perfect mix of practical and pretty.

    Woofles are a small business that specialise in safe, comfy dog harnesses in vibrant colours. Right now, they're offering 15% off for new customers with the code BUZZFEEDVIP15!

    They have two designs – the Dual AirMesh harness that is lightweight yet secure, and the Endurance harness designed with extra large dogs in mind.

    All the harnesses are non-restrictive and approved by vets and canine physiotherapy professionals, so you'll know that what you're putting on your pet has been thoroughly vetted (sorry).

    The size range is super broad, so you'll be covered regardless of if you have a teeny-tiny dog or a giant breed.

    And there's even a handy guide to help you get the perfect fit for your pet, with examples of the different breeds they'd be suited for!

    If all that sounds good to you, head over to Woofles to see which style suits your dog and use the code BUZZFEEDVIP15 to get 15% off.