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19 Magical Woodland Themed Tattoos You'll Love

For your wild(life) side.

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3. This detailed yet minimalist pinecone.

Instagram: @goyotattooart

5. This impossibly adorable squirrel.

Instagram: @carlykroll

6. These fluffy-looking rabbits.

Instagram: @juju

10. And this beautifully detailed robin.

Instagram: @cameronmillerart

12. And this badger residing in some blossoms.

Instagram: @lydiatattoos

13. These beautifully inked blackberries.

Instagram: @armelle_stb_tattoo

14. This vibrant looking jaybird.

Instagram: @disegnarti

17. This subtle and stunning weasel.

18. This content-looking raccoon.

Instagram: @timtavaria

19. And this lovely leaping hare.