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    Posted on Jul 11, 2017

    18 Wholesome And Perfect Tweets About Women Supporting Women

    "Drunk women in bar bathrooms are my support group."


    me when I see women support, uplift, and encourage each other to reach their goals bcs they are not in competition


    Drunk women in bar bathrooms are my support group.


    me vs. you bc we both cuties who don't tear other women down


    me: *is dead* random girl somewhere in the distance: omg im so ugly me, ready to tell they're beautiful amazing su…


    every single girl is so pretty!!!! every single one!!! girls r so radiant and beautiful and so important i love all the girls on this planet


    little mix are the band version of the gals who tell you ur pretty in club toilets 💜


    *Sees girls going out late and getting lit* Me : "Oh gosh, I hope they take their makeup off and wash their face be…


    how i feel when im surrounded by all the beautiful wonderful women i call my friends


    i am DTF D- down T- to F- fight anyone who disrespects women


    i love when girls on fb share a Tasty video & tag their boyfriend like make this rainbow pull apart bread for me or else we're over, Ryan


    When you and ya girls are in your feels and y'all start preaching and your souls agree on a spiritual level


    girls that stay hyping up your selfies & support you even though you barely know them are my fav, like yessss we can be friends any day


    when you meet other drunk girls in the bathroom and have a heart to heart about how beautiful they are and how they…


    Girls who wear a lot of makeup? Amazing. Girls who don't wear any makeup? Amazing. Girls who can do both? Amazing. Girls? Amazing.


    When I meet a new girl and she tries to appeal to me by bashing other girls


    me @ every girl on social media: that is literally the prettiest woman i have ever seen in my entire life


    *sees another woman succeeding* Me:


    If a girls asks me for a tampon and I don't have one for her, best believe we bouta search the entire vicinity together to find her a tampon

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