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What TV Or Movie Character Did You Used To Really Like, But Now Kind Of Hate?

It's okay to admit that you're no longer a fan of Rory Gilmore.

Plenty of us get invested in fictional characters, and sometimes you end up seeing them as super amazing people.

But then all it takes is a little time to realise that a character is actually THE WORST.

So we want you to tell us which TV or movie characters you used to love but now hate. Maybe you were a big Rory Gilmore fan but as time passed, you started to find her kind of entitled.

Maybe it was a character who was always written to be kind of a douche, but you didn't really see it until you got older, like Scott Pilgrim.

Or It could be someone who you used to think was kind of sweet but eventually became tired of, like Ted Moseby from How I Met Your Mother.

Tell us which TV or movie character you grew to dislike in the dropbox below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!