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    18 Products You'll Probably Want If It Looks Like You're Working From Home For The Long Haul

    Upgrading your work setup can be surprisingly simple!

    1. Protect your desk from stains and scuffs (and also make it look a bit fancier) with this waterproof PU leather desk mat.

    2. Turn your dining chair into something a little better suited to the 9-5 life with this memory foam seat cushion.

    3. This monitor stand will keep your screen at a comfortable eye-level height, and doubles up as a nifty bit of storage too.

    4. And if you use a laptop by itself rather than paired with a monitor, this ventilated riser will save you from hunching over all day.

    5. This highly-rated lap desk will make working from your bed or sofa way more comfortable.

    6. If you're becoming increasingly aware of just how much you're sitting down all day, you'll be pleased to know that this height-adjustable desk on wheels can be used while seated or standing.

    7. This ergonomic cushion works as an ankle rocker and a foot rest – because while you're aware of your neck and back, you've probably forgotten the impact that sitting down all day has on your feet.

    8. This spiral cable tidy wrap can be cut to size and will solve the annoying problem of multiple cords cluttering up your space.

    9. Gift yourself a bit of privacy with this adjustable door sign that'll let your household know if you're free or not.

    10. Getting a desk for your home doesn't have to cost a fortune, as this 4.5-star rated L-shaped one proves.

    11. Connectivity issues are probably one of the most infuriating WFH problems (who among us has not been frozen mid-sentence on a call by now?). This NETGEAR Wi-Fi booster is a popular solution with over 22,000(!) ratings, and covers up to 1,200 square feet.

    12. You need something comfy to wear on your feet when pottering about the house, and these memory foam slippers are the ideal mix of luxe, comfortable, and affordable.

    13. This clever mug warmer means you won't ever have to worry about your cuppa going cold while you work. It's got a 4.3-star average rating from over 2,000 reviews for a reason!

    14. See your deadlines and meetings for the month in one handy place with this dry-wipe calendar board.

    15. Okay – hear me out – I got this Breville deep-fill toastie maker when I started working from home five months ago and it has basically paid for itself at this point. WFH lunches are so much easier with it!

    16. And if you love having rice for lunch, this microwave rice cooker is quicker than making it on the hob, and less wasteful than using pre-cooked microwaveable pouches.

    17. These glasses will look great on video calls but – more importantly – can help to block the blue light from your screen that causes eye strain.

    18. This undated planner comes with handy calendar stickers, and has weekly sections where you can jot down your tasks for the day.