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    21 Ways To Completely Win At Dating

    Play it cool, forget their name.

    1. Pull a power move. Greet them with "...and you are?".You're in control now .

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    2. Speak frequently of your ex, to prove that you have indeed dated before.

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    3. In fact, show them a picture of your ex if you can, to prove you're telling the truth.


    4. A bit of mystery is important, so instead of answering any questions, smile knowingly at them.

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    5. Leave them wanting more by running out mid-date with no explanation.


    Don't return for ten minutes or so.

    6. Take a few phone calls, this shows you're important and in-demand.

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    7. People love it when you compliment something specific, so note that their elbows are very smooth.


    8. Show that you’re not afraid of getting in touch with your emotions by crying at regular intervals.

    9. It's important to draw attention to your mouth, so maybe attempt to put your fist in it.

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    10. Breaking the physical barrier is vital, so gently brush your hand against somewhere innocuous, like the little toe on their right foot.

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    Then gently whisper "did this little piggy go to the market?"

    11. Surprises are super romantic so halfway through the date, start screaming loudly for no apparent reason.

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    It will give them a sexy shock.

    12. It's well known that imitating their body language is important, but take it one step further by literally pretending to be their shadow.

    13. Show you're rolling in the monies. "Accidentally" drop £2 on the floor. Follow it up with "Oops! Sorry. Did I drop that?". They'll be putty in your hands.

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    14. Forget their name a few times, or call them by a different name, as to not seem too keen.

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    15. Pointing your feet towards someone is a way of showing interest, but if you're really interested, put your feet on them.


    16. Leave a little keepsake for them to remember you by. Cut a few locks of your hair and put them in their jacket pockets when they're not looking.


    17. Find an excuse to flash some flesh. Show them the ingrown hair you have on your left leg.

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    18. It's time to up your flirting game. Pour a glass of water over yourself and when asked why, purr "I had to cool myself down, because you're so hot".

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    19. In fact, purring is very sexy. Spend a few minutes imitating a cat. A sexy, sexy cat.

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    20. Spontaneity is a highly sought after quality, so running out of the restaurant when the bill comes will show your carefree, whimsical side.


    21. Now all that's left to do is congratulate yourself. You have won at dating. Well done.

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