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    21 Times American Films Gave British Teens Unrealistic Expectations

    What the hell is a pep rally?

    1. When it suggested your social life will revolve around a series of very fancy school dances.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    "But who will go with me to the Spring Fling?!" said no British teenager, ever.

    2. And trips to huge malls.

    Paramount / Via

    Rather than grabbing some junk food from town and eating it at the bus stop.

    3. When it led you to believe you would attend many a pep rally, even though you're still not 100% sure what they are.


    Are they...rallying peps? What does it all mean?

    4. And that high school would be a chance to wear outfits that show your individuality.

    Paramount / Via

    Rather than a place where you're told off for wearing nail polish.

    5. When they convinced you that you would frequently go to wild pool parties.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Because apparently a lot of people have swimming pools.

    6. And that you and your peers would flock somewhere for a week of hedonism on spring break.

    A24 / Via

    "Spring break" sounds so much more glamorous than "Easter holidays" tbh.

    7. When they made you think food fights in the canteen would be a regular occurrence.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

    Thankfully this isn't the case, because why would you want to waste a perfectly good jacket potato?

    8. And where you sat would say a lot about you and your popularity.

    Paramount / Via

    IRL, you just sat wherever there was space and not too many crumbs.

    9. That university scouts would attend your sports matches, just itching to give you a scholarship.

    10. And detention was a one-way route to being a rebellious badass.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    11. School lockers would be so big, you could fit people in them.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

    As opposed being so small that your books and P.E. kit had to compete for space.

    12. And graduating school is something of a ceremony, with hat throwing and everything.

    NBC / Via

    When actually you maybe had an assembly and then got drunk with your friends.

    13. That maybe you would have a ~belle of the ball~ moment upon entering prom.

    Disney / Via

    You would glide down some stairs effortlessly, everyone's heads would turn. And it would be your moment.

    14. And one day, you would be crowned prom royalty. Which is apparently a pretty big deal.

    15. That "going steady" was a phrase someone may use with you.

    16. You may have thought that one day you'd be in an illustrious yearbook, where all of your achievements (or lack thereof) would be highlighted.

    17. That you'd be able to drive to school.

    Paramount / Via

    18. Naturally, your summers would be filled with road trips.

    Paramount / Via

    The closest thing you could get was a Megabus to a different city.

    19. That being a part of prom committees would 100% be a thing.

    Disney / Via

    20. That cheerleading was likely to be one of your pastimes.

    Universal / Via

    21. And finally, that your experiences of alcohol would involve drinking punch out of red cups.

    Universal Studios

    Instead of WKD in the park.

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