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    19 Things From Wayfair That Will Really Make The Most Of A Smaller Space

    No space? No problem.

    1. These under-shelf baskets are perfect for plates, tea towels, or anything else you're struggling to find space for.

    2. This lamp is also a bookcase, so you can enjoy a warm cosy glow and also have somewhere to display your fave reads.

    3. This shelving rack is a low-effort way to maximise the space in your kitchen cupboard.

    4. This mirror hangs over the door to save on floor space, and opens up to reveal storage for jewellery and other small accessories!

    5. These chic and sleek tables nest into one another, taking up hardly any room.

    6. If you've done a smaller load of laundry and don't want to get the clothes horse out, you can use this space-saving over-the-door clothes rack!

    7. This wall-mounted holder will store your kitchen roll, foil, and cling film. There's even a section for freezer bags, and a smaller compartment for little bits and bobs.

    8. This two-tiered bin has compartments for your regular waste as well as recycling, so you can separate your rubbish without taking up lots of precious floor space.

    9. This unassuming coffee table has a secret storage compartment – just lift the top off and it'll reveal plenty of space to keep the stuff you don't have much room for.

    10. And if you'd rather display your things, this coffee table has some stylish shelving.

    11. No counter space? No problem! You can mount this rack to your wall and it'll hold your essentials.

    12. This over-the-door towel rack is a nifty way to store a bulky item.

    13. Once guests are eventually allowed to stay over again, you'll be glad you bought this day bed – it has a trundle underneath that can be pulled out to sleep an extra person!

    14. All the stools in this dining set can neatly fit under the table – seriously, just look at how satisfying that is.

    15. You can still store clothes in a small space, thanks to this slimline solution that features a mirror, clothes rail, and two shelves.

    16. Effectively utilise the space on the side of your fridge by nabbing this organiser. Alongside shelves, it's got hooks for oven gloves, tea towels, and utensils!

    17. If your kitchen counters can easily become crowded, consider this extendable rinse basket that you can use over the sink. It even has a built-in chopping board to make food prep absolutely effortless.

    18. This stylish bed features not one, not two, but three drawers, providing plenty of room for clothes and spare bedding!

    19. This discreet shoe storage solution is really narrow (just 24cm deep!), making it perfect for small hallways.