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    Wayfair Have Some Amazing Garden Deals On This Month And The Timing Couldn't Be Better IMO

    Your garden will be the hottest destination this summer.

    Wayfair have garden deals running until the end of April with discounts across outdoor seating, tables, decor, and more! We've rounded up a few of our fave deals for you:

    1. This lovely two-seater chair and table set will make your patio feel like a bistro. It's 40% off!

    2. This garden sofa is sleek, sophisticated, and 26% off.

    3. BRB, just buying this 12%-off lounger that's perfect for reading on during the summer months.

    4. This swing seat is 31% off and has a handy cover (because British weather can be a little unpredictable).

    5. Create an outdoors reading nook with this hanging chair that's 11% off.

    6. Garden guests are pretty much guaranteed to say "oooooh" when they see these 10%-off LED lanterns.

    7. Save 22% on this ceramic plant pot that looks seriously expensive.

    8. This raised rattan flower bed is the perfect way to showcase some beautiful blooms. It's 26% off!

    9. Make your garden Instagram-worthy by putting up one of these 44%-off hanging baskets.

    10. The cast iron details on this bench make it scream luxury, but a surprisingly affordable price! You can get it for 35% off.

    11. And you can put this side table next to it to hold your drink! It's discounted by a massive 39%.

    12. Save 17% on this stunning outdoor coffee table. It's got an average rating of 4.7 stars from hundreds of reviews!

    13. You can take a third off this stunning wooden pine swing seat right now.

    14. All your garden guests will be impressed by this fire pit that's 10% off.

    15. Of if you fancy relaxing in an armchair, this bistro set includes seat cushions and is reduced by 14%.

    16. This pair of recliners is 24% off and designed with maximum comfort in mind. They come with adjustable pillows and a cover to keep the sun out of your eyes while reading or browsing.

    You can check out the rest of Wayfair's garden deals here!