18 Dogs That Prove Some Breeds Are Just Terrifying

    Pit bulls, rottweilers, the lot of them!

    1. Everyone knows that rottweilers are scary.

    2. And pit bulls are always so damn intimidating – just look at it!

    3. Lord only knows what this Doberman could do... Advise you on your finances?

    4. Scarier than a shark tbh.

    5. This is just DOUBLY dangerous.

    6. And just what is this Staffy plotting? Something bad, probably.

    7. Can German shepherds really be left alone with other animals?

    8. I mean, would you be brave enough to pet this dog?

    9. And what about this Doberman! Utterly cold-blooded.

    10. This rottweiler's icy stare is chilling.

    11. These kinds of dogs are just out of control.

    12. And downright menacing.

    13. This bull mastiff epitomises terror.

    14. Look at this picture and tell me it doesn't strike fear into your heart.

    15. Look at the hatred brimming in this pit bull's eyes.

    16. This beast is holding that poor toy captive.

    17. This mastiff is dreaming, all right... Dreaming of destruction!

    18. And don't let that vibrant yellow raincoat distract you from the monstrousness underneath.