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    18 Seriously Useful Products For Your Car That I Think You Won't Regret Buying

    Including a cleaner to get your headlights looking as good as new!

    1. This interior car shampoo will deeply clean your synthetic upholstery, transforming the look of any stained seats.

    2. There's no fiddling about with any clamps when you use this phone holder – its powerful magnet means that you can just pop your device straight onto it.

    3. This car boot organiser means you'll no longer have to worry about your shopping toppling over when you turn a corner.

    4. As the weather gets colder, this windshield cover will help to prevent the buildup of ice!

    5. This heavy-duty windshield scraper has a 4.7-star rating from over 2,500 reviews. There's a claw side to bash at bigger chunks of ice as well as a scraping tool.

    6. This cleaning fluid will remove light oxidisation and yellowing from your headlights, helping to get them looking as good as new again.

    7. Prevent misted-up windshields on cold days with this reusable dehumidifier bag.

    8. These blind spot mirrors will maximise your view while driving, and have a sturdy adhesive so that you don't have to stress about them falling off!

    9. These PU leather fillers will stop your phone and keys from falling down the gaps by your car seats.

    10. This little adapter means you can turn your car's cigarette lighter into a USB charging port.

    11. This cleaning putty will get right into the nooks and crannies of your car, lifting away dirt with minimal faff.

    12. Next time you're at a drive-through, you'll be glad you bought these clip-on condiment holders. They attach to the vents of your car so you can dip your fries with ease.

    13. These surprisingly durable little hooks will hold your bags, stopping them from spilling in the backseat.

    14. Let your pet enjoy the passenger seat without getting their hair everywhere thanks to this non-slip cover.

    15. If nothing grosses you out like the thought of a litter-filled car, you'll be glad to know this nifty hanging bin exists!

    16. Remove swirl marks, paint transfer, and light scratches with this fast-acting remover.

    17. Get your windscreen and windows gleaming (and streak-free) with this highly-rated cleaning spray.

    18. Protect your keyless car fobs with this RFID-blocking pouch! It prevents thieves from amplifying your fob's signal and opening your car.