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    23 Gimmicky Products That You'll Actually Be Able To Use All The Time

    The novelty *won't* wear off on these.

    1. Next time you're somewhere that doesn't take cards (or have just forgotten yours at home), you'll be glad you've got this cash-stash keyring to hand.

    2. These silicone tubes are basically magic – pop your garlic in, roll it back and forth, and voila! Perfectly peeled cloves.

    3. This deceptive "tin of beans" will keep your stuff safe – no-one will suspect that it's actually a smart bit of storage!

    4. This expanding bread keeper can be adjusted to fit the size of your loaf and has a useful slicing guide as well.

    5. These eyeliner stamps make the ever-elusive symmetrical cat-eye so much easier to achieve.

    6. This little kitchen gadget will core and slice your apples (or pretty much any other medium sized-fruit) for you.

    7. This two-pack of Limey Tap descaling covers will help you to completely immerse your taps in descaling solution.

    8. This 4.7-star rated blackhead vacuum will suck all of the gunk out of your pores, with five levels of intensity to best suit your skincare needs.

    9. This facial hair removal tool is basically like getting threading done without the need for a salon appointment (plus you'll get a peach fuzz razor thrown in too!)

    10. This universal release key will come in handy next time you're at the supermarket and realise you don't have a coin to use the trolley.

    11. This toilet plunger has a unique design that pushes air at the blockage as well as water, something regular plungers don't tend to do.

    12. This tea tool eliminates the need to frantically dash to the kitchen bin so that your used teabag doesn't drip on the floors or counters.

    13. You'll no longer lose half of your socks in the washing machine, thanks to this laundry helper that'll keep them all together while they're being cleaned.

    14. Save on space with this genius collapsible draining board that's perfect for smaller kitchens.

    15. This bug catcher will help you get rid of spiders, butterflies, and moths without hurting them.

    16. For perfectly curled lashes that don't end up drooping halfway through the day, give this heated eyelash curler a try.

    17. Or if you're after something even longer lasting, how about this serum that you apply like liquid eyeliner and delivers some seriously impressive eyelash growth?

    18. The bubbling-up effect on this carbonated face mask is a fun novelty, but it also leaves your skin feeling super clean and soft.

    19. Pop this nifty little light in your bag and you'll be able to find whatever you need a lot more easily.

    20. This genius bottle is actually eight different kitchen tools!

    21. This meat lifter can go in the oven with your dish, and then you simply use the two handles to pull out your roasted chicken (or whatever else you fancy) with no trouble or mess.

    22. This blow dry spray reduces drying time by up to 50%, so you can spend less time with a hairdryer in your hand and more time doing pretty much anything else.

    23. If you've fallen to victim to unevenly cut bagels, you might appreciate this bagel-cutting guillotine.