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22 Tweets You'll Want To Send To Your Boyfriend Immediately

Me: he apologised. I should just say okay and let it go. Other me: bring up that thing that pissed you off 3 weeks ago too.

1. When you think about how your relationship changes over time.

2. When the replies just aren't fast enough.

3. When you can't decide where to eat.

4. Although this betrayal is even more frustrating.

5. When you compare your expectations with reality.

6. When you want to let things go but just can't.

7. When you get to brag about them.

8. When you admit you're good at dishing it out.

9. When you try to drop them a hint...

10. ...and they don't quite get it.

11. When you face this rejection.

12. When you accidentally ruin his clothes.

13. When this keeps happening.

Is ya boyfriend even ya boyfriend if he doesn't constantly lie on your hair and rip it out your skull

14. When you know that acknowledging your flaws is one thing, but hearing about them is another.

15. When they're being sweet to you and it makes you...suspicious.

16. Or makes you downright emotional.

17. When you refuse to hear a bad word against them.

18. When you experience this anxiety.

See if u don't get the absolute fear after ur boyfriend or boy ur talking to says he went n got a haircut ur a fuckin liar

19. And when this happens as you were about to explain everything.

20. When you tell him all of your gossip.

21. And when you just feel all ~romantic~.

22. But if they ever move on, that's another story.

Me: *dies* People to my boyfriend: it's okay to get back out there, she'd want you to move on Me in heaven: