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18 Tweets That Will Only Make You Laugh If You Have A Boyfriend

When he asks you "what do you want to eat?" like you're supposed to know.

1. When you face this betrayal:

@Devinishiki / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Devinishiki

2. And when they unfairly manage to fall asleep before you:

annoyin how boyfriends fall asleep in 10 seconds, do that weird twitchy thing & then start snoring....leaving you awake pure fumin like😤😒🙃

3. When your bag becomes their bag:

anyone else's boyfriend ask you if you can fit their wallet, phone, sunglasses, wardrobe and a small village into your handbag??? 😡😤

4. When they ask this frankly ridiculous question:

When he asks you what do you want to eat like you're supposed to know

5. When you remember this true benefit of relationships:

only want a boyfriend so i can text durin tv shows &then get shit explained to me when i'm confused later.bein single u have 2 pay attention

6. When this makes you anxious:

See if u don't get the absolute fear after ur boyfriend or boy ur talking to says he went n got a haircut ur a fuckin liar

7. When you face this problem:

Is ya boyfriend even ya boyfriend if he doesn't constantly lie on your hair and rip it out your skull

8. When you don't mean to bother them but do:

My BF: *sleeps* Me:... Me:... Me:.....r u ok lol like are u mad at me did I do something lol

9. When you know that as much as you love them, you're great regardless of relationship status:

10. When you feel affectionate:

Showering ur man wit love after you just pissed him off

11. When you can't stop talking about them:

Im the type of gf that brings my boyfriends name up in everything. We could be talking about food & Ill be like my boyfriend don't like that

12. When they upset you in a dream but it feels so real:

@Briannacbaby / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Briannacbaby

13. When they encourage you all the time:

When he yo man and yo bestfriend so he hypes up and supports all your shenanigans >>>

14. When you have unique names for each other:

Other bfs: Goodmorning my beautiful honey suckle goddess sent from the heavenly skies to bless my life My bf:

15. When they buy a new hoodie but soon it'll be yours:

Why buy hoodies when your boyf buys some and you both know deep down in a week they'll become yours & theyre fluffier inside than womens😌

16. When you refuse to let anyone slander them:

When someone talk shit about me vs when they talk shit about my man

17. When you have an argument:

18. And when you just feel so proud of them:

*looks at my boyfriend breathing* me:

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