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19 Tweets That Could Only Make Sense In 2017

"1990: Pennywise is gonna give me nightmares. 2017: I want Pennywise to FUCK me."

1. On technology:

This is the memorial for Steve the drowned security robot outside our office on his charging pad. The future is wei…

2. On Snapchat:

3. On politics:

Saving this screenshot for when my grandkids ask me what 2017 was like.

4. On the death of MS Paint:

When you find out Microsoft is removing mspaint

5. On memes:

Stopped to clean my star on my kitchen floor. Nothing but respect for MY self.

6. And on two 2017 memes in one:

I'm sorry but the old Avril can't come to the phone right now.. Why? Oh, cause she's dead.

7. On Michael Phelps racing a shark:

When Michael Phelps said he was gonna race a shark this is how I pictured it happening #SharkWeek

8. On schezuan sauce:

Japan trying to figure out why Americans are going bonkers over Mickey D's schezuan sauce.

9. On the song of Summer 2017:

Wild Thoughts but it's replaced with Waluigi sounds

10. On Amazon and Whole Foods:

I, too, spend $13.7 billion at Whole Foods.

11. On LGBT icon, The Babadook:

12. On rompers:

its summer 2017 😈😤that means.. dudes wearin rompers 😍😜 late night fidget spinning 😎😆 possible world war 😮😳 tucking ur homies into bed ☺️❤️

13. On well, this:

14. On every tweet for the last ten months:

its me im ur wcw yall already know what tf going on nothing but respect for my president ur doing amazing sweetie open for a surprise

15. On fidget spinners:


16. On this big ol' mess:

Dating - 2015: "Do I wanna spend the rest of my life w/this person?" 2017: "Do I wanna go thru the collapse of capitalism w/this person??"

17. On It:

stephen king: this scary clown should scare 'em 1990: Pennywise is gonna give me nightmares 2017: I want Pennywise to FUCK me

18. On the eclipse:

19. On 2017 in general: