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    18 Tweets About Work That Are Funny But Way Too Real

    "It's bleak how job hunting is a job in itself and the only reward is an actual job."


    95% of having a job is just saying “sounds good!”


    it's bleak how job hunting is a job in itself and the only reward is an actual job


    interviewer: ok great, do you have any other questions about the job? me: yes, (folding my hands & leaning in) does it suck ass


    Please quit telling me to “keep up the good work” the good work was an accident and impossible to replicate


    Co-workers with kids: Omg guess what? My kid did the funniest thing yesterday! Me: Oh.....really, What did it do?


    me at age 17: fuck 9-5 office jobs! ill never be that boring xD me at age 24: sweet fucking jesus what do i do to get a 9-5 office job


    "can I speak to your manager?" First of all, they're gonna say the same exact thing I just told you and then we'll talk shit about you l8r


    When my coworkers try to talk to me at 8:59 am or 5:01 pm.


    Coworker: omg text me anytime you need a shift covered Me: can you work today Coworker: omg sorry my uncles hamster is in town or I would


    everyone: why were you late me: wow traffic was insane I am literally so sorry also me:


    STAGES OF WORKING FROM HOME - Yay I get to work from home - It would be nice to talk to people - I hope that pigeon sits in the window today


    when you gotta greet your boss after they wouldn't let you call out sick


    When ya employer ask do u have a Twitter .. why yes , yes I do glad u asked 😊😌🙃


    How to be a grown up at work: Replace "Fuck you" with "Ok, great"


    Coworker: Do you ever think about work at home? Me: I don't even think about work at work.


    me: i don't have time for workplace drama, i'm here for a paycheck also me, when my coworker says she's annoyed w s…



    me: (texting boss) we still on for work today? boss: yes. you dont have to text me this every morning. we're "on" for work every day mon-fri