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    19 Tweets About Sex And Dating During Self Isolation That Are As Funny As They Are Painfully Real

    "Never having sex has officially gone from LAME to VERY COOL AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE."


    You know who’s really gonna suffer during this social distancing? Dudes on dating apps Welcome back to courtship, Brad. Welcome back to talking to a gal for WEEKS prior to meeting. We’re pen pals now, my dude. We bout to get Jane Austen up in here. Now, write me a poem.


    Me: I’ve got the corona virus My bird:


    i’m so horny man this is rock bottom


    attention: due to fear of getting coronavirus, i will not be having a boyfriend at this time. that is the only reason! please do not believe rumors that “no one is interested” or “i make it very difficult to love me”


    We’re in quarantine so if ur still not getting booty pics ur a loser


    never having sex has officially gone from LAME to VERY COOL AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.


    she’ll text me back she’s probably just doing a puzzle


    ok I bet if I got quarantined with a guy THEN I could fix him


    if you aren’t quarantined with someone that you can have sex with at any time, you may be entitled to financial compensation


    Damn, can’t go outside, can’t workout, no restaurants...this is just like dating my ex


    Last night the guy im dating told me that using mouthwash is the same as brushing your teeth just “way more efficient” and i just ??????? this quarantine really about to push me over the edge


    bae: come over me: can’t, in self isolation bae: my parents aren’t home me:


    My mom is overly supportive. Also, nice.


    it’s not about finding a quarantine boyfriend, it’s about developing strong feelings via text that you won’t be able to verify in person until June


    [coronavirus pandemic diary] Day 3: I’ve not had sex in 6 months


    Wdym you got quarantined at your ex boyfriend house


    Quarantine dating life while practicing social distancing


    There are no rules for dating during the pandemic. Cyber date 16 dudes at once, have phone sex in your childhood bedroom, ask “what are we” after the second zoom date, join your ex’s new girlfriend’s IG Live, find a sugar daddy to buy you a peloton, the possibilities are endless.


    Y’all stuck in quarantine SINGLE & ALONE?????? LMMMMmetooAAOOOOOO

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