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    17 Tweets About "RuPaul's Drag Race" Coming To The UK That Are Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

    “Ladies, while you untuck in the B&M bargains lounge, The Saturdays and I will deliberate."

    BBC Three has announced that a UK version of RuPaul's Drag Race is going to be aired next year! There's still a bit of a wait, but Twitter already has plenty of jokes about it to get you excited for it in the meantime...


    drag race uk: rupaul: so who are you doing for snatch game? queen: i’ll be going as lauren cooper, catherine tate’s character who is known for her phrase ‘am I bovvered?’ rupaul: ... queen: ... rupaul [having no idea who that is]: ... so how you gonna make it funny?


    Honestly if Drag Race UK is filled with young hot Insta queens and there isn't a single ropey old broad from Blackpool with a red feathery wig and blue eye shadow up to her hairline, I shall sue.


    UK if someone doesn't do Kim woodburn and continuously telling RuPaul "DOOOOOONT START WITH ME LOVEY!" OR Roxanne and pretend to be hit every 5 seconds..... OR Nikki constantly asking "WHO IS SHE!?" For Snatch Game.....I will riot.


    Okay I said sarcastically something about Attenborough voicing over UK drag race in a group chat and now I low-key want it to happen. "and here we have, shade"


    sorry but this is how I imagine Drag Race UK


    Condragulations my dear you are this week’s winner and will receive a full set of Girls Aloud false eyelashes courtesy Boots and £50 in vouchers for WH Smith


    The winner of UK drag race shall receive an Irish passport


    “Ladies, while you untuck in the B&M bargains lounge. The Saturdays and I will deliberate’


    Queen Elizabeth Drag Race when it premiers in the UK: lads, start ye ain gin and may the baist woman win Announcements: she done alreadone do got bonkers


    YES, I have been asked to be the choreographer for RPDR UK. @RuPaul @RuPaulsDragRace


    "...and our EXTRA special guest judges" #DragRaceUK


    Drag Race UK was just announced and I think I know the perfect personality who is currently out of a hosting gig...


    Me: wow there’s almost too much drag race RuPaul: All Stars 4 Me: oh god this is overwhelming RuPaul: Christmas Special Me: can we not just get a brea- RuPaul: Season 12 Me, crying: please... no more... RuPaul, laughing: Drag Race :) UK :)


    I hope Shangela wins Drag Race UK


    My dream drag race UK snatch game lineup


    If Gemma Collins isn’t a guest judge on drag race uk I don’t want it


    “Ladies, prior to tonight you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance to Babycakes by 3 Of A Kind”