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18 Hilarious And Painfully Relatable Tweets About Being A Human Disaster

"Well, I did everything I could," I said, having given up quite easily.

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1. Dreaming of getting stuff done:

i enjoy video games because they let me live out my wildest fantasies, like being assigned a task and then completing that task

3. Trying and failing to not overshare:

me: I try to keep my personal life off twitter me after 1 beer: it was a cool evening in september that I lost my virginity to a man his na


5. Wondering why you're so damn tired:

me: why do i feel terrible brain: coffee is not a food group brain: eat a vegetable brain: sleep me: guess we'll never know brain: oh my god

7. Trying to sleep:

*stares at phone* why cant i sleep *puts phone face-up on bed, the screen brigtness bathes my room in a light mor powerfubl than the sun* oh


10. Making plans but not committing:

"Idk ima see" = I ain't coming, never was coming, never considered it,never gave it a second thought, only remembered cause you asked again.


13. Doing whatever you want:

To little kid eyeing my McDonalds: thats right i can eat this any time i want... Dont ask about any of the other parts of my life please.

14. Trying your best, kind of:

"Well, I did everything I could," I said, having given up quite easily.

16. Deciding when to treat yourself:

incredible how whenever i want a treat, i also deserve one

17. Being tough and sensitive at the same time:

[me, always] i hate literally everyone [someone hurts my feelings] why is this happening. how can u do this to me, the prince of kindness

18. But ultimately, not giving a fuck.