19 Tumblr Posts That Went In A Very Unexpected Direction

    "Ideal number of teeth?" "As many as I can get my hands on."

    1. This not-so-fun surprise:

    2. This very specific threat:

    3. This unpleasant mental image:

    4. This dark suggestion:

    5. This... unusual answer.

    6. This dirty detour from the original post:

    7. This very blunt comeback:

    8. This decisive action:

    9. This description of the elements:

    10. This interesting hypothetical situation:

    11. This invention literally nobody would want:

    12. This unsexy dialogue:

    13. This super wholesome plot twist:

    14. This comment on a sweet post:

    15. This unexpected defence:

    16. This life hack:

    17. This demand:

    18. This honest admission:

    19. And this ominous warning: