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    Nov 28, 2017

    18 Tumblr Posts So Scarily Relatable You Can't Help But Laugh

    "You ever be so comfortable in bed, you start rubbing your legs together like a cricket?"

    1. On persistent cravings:

    2. On this desperation:

    3. On the cosiest of feelings:

    4. On the two internets:

    5. On this terrible problem:

    6. On the mysterious ways of the human body:

    7. On this fucking terrible sensation:

    8. And on this awful realisation:

    9. On that one constant:

    10. On cooking anything that comes with instructions:

    11. On the love/hate relationship with showering:

    12. On needing to poo unexpectedly:

    13. On the embarrassing state of our laptop screens:

    14. On everyone's fear when putting their change away:

    15. On portioning spaghetti:

    16. On those elbow marks:

    17. On this ~important~ feeling:

    18. And on this moment where we all reach peak self-awareness.

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