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    22 Tumblr Posts That Are Way Too Real For Every Dog Owner

    My dog: *does absolutely nothing*. Me: This dog is the greatest dog.

    1. This stressful occurrence.

    2. This feeling of pride when your dog does literally anything.

    3. Or even when they do nothing.

    4. And this exchange that happens no matter how many times you explain things to your dog.

    5. This thing we all do.

    6. This truth that you believe in.

    7. This example of how your memory works.

    8. This reaction to anyone criticising your dog.

    9. This action that no dog owner thinks twice about.

    10. This struggle that happens almost every day.

    11. And this feeling when they decide to bark at all hours.

    12. This beautiful exchange.

    13. And this one that sounds pretty familiar.

    14. This joyful moment.

    15. And this consequence of showing them affection.

    16. This searing insult you'd use.

    17. And this moment every time one of you sneezes.

    18. This example of how your dog basically rules you.

    19. This conversation that would definitely be you and your dog.

    20. And this question that you wish you could get the answer to.

    21. This moment that's definitely happened.

    22. And finally, this ideal person we all strive to be.

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