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19 Tumblr Posts About Movies That Are So Damn True You Can't Help But Laugh

"I always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies."

1. On cheesy romance scenes:

2. On space movies that don't have enough space:

3. On cheerleading films:

4. On the highlight of every single movie:

5. On ~artsy~ films:

6. On unrealistic romantic timelines:

7. On all horse movies:

8. On Quentin Tarantino movies:

9. On films with exorcism scenes:

10. On manic pixie dream girls:

11. On unlikely post-apocalyptic graffiti:

12. On this exact kind of movie you have seen multiple variations of:

13. On the worst type of horror films:

14. And on confusing action sequences:

15. On this '00s movie burn:

16. On shopping spree montages:

17. On the infuriating flaw in Christmas movies:

18. On valid concerns in superhero blockbusters:

19. And on this thing that doesn't work as well in real life: