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    19 Times Marvel Fans Were Really Damn Funny On Tumblr

    "The *real* hero of "Civil War" is Ant-Man's unbridled enthusiasm".

    1. This accurate description of Captain America's feelings towards Bucky.

    2. When this person knew what Bucky really cared about.

    3. This incredibly specific but completely spot-on comparison.

    4. This cookbook the world didn't know it needed until now.

    5. This perfect crossover with Gogglebox.

    6. This reimagining of Captain America.

    7. This accurate retelling of Civil War.

    8. This summary of Iron Man 2.

    9. These pictures that go together so damn perfectly.

    10. When Marvel fans knew Steve Rogers' favourite topic.

    11. This shoutout to the true star of Civil War.

    12. This post that captures why Sam Wilson is so great.

    13. And what T'Challa should have said back.

    14. When someone spotted this facial expression that says everything.

    15. When Marvel fans picked up on this line and ran with it.

    16. When someone perfectly described this lineup.

    17. When Tumblr knew what the best damn line in Civil War was.

    18. This perfect scenario.

    19. And this description of pretty much every interaction between Bucky and T'Challa.