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    This Popular, Highly Rated Air Fryer Is On Sale And Just Over £50 At The Moment, So Get It Before The Deal Is Gone

    They really do live up to the hype!

    Amazon are having a huge spring sale at the moment, and IMO one of the standout deals is this Tower air fryer reduced by an impressive 36%!

    It boasts an impressive 4.5-star average rating from over 1,500 reviews, and alongside frying you can use it for grilling, baking, and roasting (seriously, just imagine how good roast potatoes would be in this).

    The air fryer has a nifty 60-minute timer for efficient cooking at the end of a long day, and has eight different preset modes so that you can use it with minimal faff.

    It also has enough capacity to feed 1-4 people, so it's versatile enough for solo meals as well as family ones! This air fryer usually costs almost £80, so the fact that you can get almost £30 off is an absolute steal.

    So if you're thinking it's time to finally jump on the air fryer hype, I can't think of a better time to! You can get the Tower T17024 here – but hurry, the deal won't last long!