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19 Times Women Had The Perfect Response To People's Bullshit

When my aunt was in her late 20s people used to rudely ask her “Why aren’t you married yet?” and she’d reply “Just lucky, I guess.”

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2. When this person gave the most beautifully sarcastic reply.


5. When this Tumblr user wasn't a fan of false equivalencies.

6. When this woman gave someone a taste of their own medicine.

I just wish white men could stop talking to me at this point

8. And when this woman pointed out some ridiculousness.

Can Men be trusted with Sperm? Two single moms weigh in.


10. When this woman fixed the headline.

12. When this woman shared some body-positivity after being shamed on Instagram.


13. When this person pioneered "staple your hands to your ass" as a comeback.

15. When this woman was sick of rude Tinder messages.