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19 Times Tumblr Was Asking Some Really Fucking Good Questions

"How come when a house is haunted it’s always a ghost from the 1800s? Why there ain’t ever any ghosts from 2007 who screams 'ITS BRITNEY BITCH!' at 3 in the morning?"

1. About Owen Wilson's voice:

2. About being right- or left-handed:

3. About the logic of this picture:

4. About the :) face:

5. About radio:

6. About The Parent Trap, because seriously, that movie raises WAY more questions than it answers:

7. About what's canon in Looney Tunes:

8. About ghosts:

9. About Wikipedia:

10. About Clifford the Big Red Dog:

11. About the gendering of a very gender-neutral body part:

12. About dads and their sneezing:

13. About the Shrek soundtrack:

14. About this universal biscuit tin:

15. About camera sorcery:

16. About animals:

17. About Scooby-Doo:

18. About this kind of hypocritical thing we all do:

19. And about, well, everything going on here:

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