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21 Times "The Sims" Gave You Unrealistic Dating Expectations

"If I high-five them enough, they'll surely marry me."

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4. When it told you that "goosing" was a means of flirting.

Electronic Arts / Via forums.thesims.com

The verb "goose" means to touch or squeeze someone's butt. Maybe one to avoid when you’re getting to know someone IRL.

7. If you had a lovely date on The Sims, you might find your date has left flowers on your door.

Electronic Arts / Via redamancer.livejournal.com

This would be kinda cute, but also kinda creepy if you don't recall giving them your address.

8. Unfortunately in real life, nobody has a useful thought bubble over their head indicating their thoughts and feelings towards you.

Electronic Arts / Via forums.thesims.com

Are they thinking about how much they fancy you? Or do they actually low-key dislike you? Guessing is your only option.

17. Although, in The Sims there’s also a good chance you’ll meet a brand-new romantic partner the same day as a breakup.

Electronic Arts / Via forum.thesims3.com

"Plenty of fish in the sea" is an understatement when you can literally just create new people.

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