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    Posted on Oct 16, 2017

    22 Times The Internet Was So Damn Accurate About Life In Britain

    "Wonder when you stop using 'year above' to say someone's age."

    1. On family betrayals:

    How RUDE is it when u fill the kettle then when u leave it to boil someone else uses ur water !!!! Great British snake off in ma house like

    2. On British teachers:

    Is your teacher really a teacher in Britain if they don't say "UHHHHH, XCUSE MAY!" 😭

    3. On sandwiches:

    English people will dead put anything in a sandwich. Fish fingers, chips, crisps, sausages. You name it, it's going in the fucking bread

    4. On small victories:

    When your mum sends you to the chippy to get some chips and doesn't ask for her change back

    5. On "pudding":

    rest of the world: *through tears* p-please... you can’t just make everything pudding england: *points at food* pudding

    6. On going out:

    are u even british if u don’t say “out out” when u mean going to a club

    7. On P.E. lessons:

    8. On going to Nando's:

    When you're in the toilet at Nandos and no one's looking

    9. On the pronunciation of "scone" debate:

    10. On small talk:

    Are you even English if you don't ask your taxi driver if they've been busy tonight

    11. On compliments:

    Responses you will get if you tell a British girl you like her dress: - Exactly how much it was - If it was in the sale - If it has pockets

    12. On TV:

    ITV2: We Played The Mummy Returns 3 times this month ITV2 to ITV2: Play it again

    13. On supermarket shopping:

    That middle aisle in Aldi is mental. Went in for fruit and veg almost come out with a new curtain rail, garden hose and bamboo dinner set

    14. On strange quirks:

    Wonder when you stop using 'year above' to say someone's age 🤔

    15. On making plans:

    16. On old-school decor:

    Imagine being part of the generation that could afford to buy a decent home and then choosing to massacre it with t…

    17. On polite conversation:

    Everyone in England - Person A - 'alright mate, how's it going?' Person B - (lying) 'yeah good, you?' Person A - (also lying) 'yeah good'

    18. On our finest institution:

    19. On public transport:

    20. On holidays:

    Are you even British if you don't give your lilo to some kid when ur going home from holiday ?

    21. On the North/South divide:

    londoner: hi northerner: hiGH like your house prices 😂😂 honestly you couldn't pay me to live in london 🙅🙅 enjoy your smog-infested bubble 👋🏻

    22. And on 2017:

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