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    22 Times The Internet Was So Damn Accurate About Life In Britain

    "Wonder when you stop using 'year above' to say someone's age."

    1. On family betrayals:

    How RUDE is it when u fill the kettle then when u leave it to boil someone else uses ur water !!!! Great British snake off in ma house like

    2. On British teachers:

    Is your teacher really a teacher in Britain if they don't say "UHHHHH, XCUSE MAY!" 😭

    3. On sandwiches:

    English people will dead put anything in a sandwich. Fish fingers, chips, crisps, sausages. You name it, it's going in the fucking bread

    4. On small victories:

    When your mum sends you to the chippy to get some chips and doesn't ask for her change back

    5. On "pudding":

    rest of the world: *through tears* p-please... you can’t just make everything pudding england: *points at food* pudding

    6. On going out:

    are u even british if u don’t say “out out” when u mean going to a club

    7. On P.E. lessons:

    8. On going to Nando's:

    When you're in the toilet at Nandos and no one's looking

    9. On the pronunciation of "scone" debate:

    10. On small talk:

    Are you even English if you don't ask your taxi driver if they've been busy tonight

    11. On compliments:

    Responses you will get if you tell a British girl you like her dress: - Exactly how much it was - If it was in the sale - If it has pockets

    12. On TV:

    ITV2: We Played The Mummy Returns 3 times this month ITV2 to ITV2: Play it again

    13. On supermarket shopping:

    That middle aisle in Aldi is mental. Went in for fruit and veg almost come out with a new curtain rail, garden hose and bamboo dinner set

    14. On strange quirks:

    Wonder when you stop using 'year above' to say someone's age 🤔

    15. On making plans:

    16. On old-school decor:

    Imagine being part of the generation that could afford to buy a decent home and then choosing to massacre it with t…

    17. On polite conversation:

    Everyone in England - Person A - 'alright mate, how's it going?' Person B - (lying) 'yeah good, you?' Person A - (also lying) 'yeah good'

    18. On our finest institution:

    19. On public transport:

    20. On holidays:

    Are you even British if you don't give your lilo to some kid when ur going home from holiday ?

    21. On the North/South divide:

    londoner: hi northerner: hiGH like your house prices 😂😂 honestly you couldn't pay me to live in london 🙅🙅 enjoy your smog-infested bubble 👋🏻

    22. And on 2017: