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    21 Moments From "The Graham Norton Show" That'll Make You Laugh Every Single Time

    We're blessed to have this show.

    1. When Mark Ruffalo revealed his son's not a fan of The Hulk.

    2. When Ryan Gosling was faced with his slightly embarrassing past.

    3. When Anne Hathaway gave this insight into what she argues about with her husband.

    4. When Emily Blunt met a kid who was so subtly ruthless.

    5. When this woman told her story of 69-ing in lurid detail and everyone was in hysterics.

    6. When Kate McKinnon explained how she impersonates Justin Beiber.

    7. When there was a misunderstanding when Jack Whitehall went on holiday.

    8. When Benedict Cumberbatch recreated photos of his otter dopplegänger.

    9. When Chris O'Dowd talked about him and his wife.

    10. And when Emilia Clarke convinced the public to watch Me Before You.

    11. When James McAvoy admitted to this prank he played during a game of "hide and go seek" with his sister as a kid.

    12. When Jonah Hill reminisced about meeting Morgan Freeman.

    13. And when Rebel Wilson had missed out on two landmark TV shows.

    14. When John Boyega didn't care for secrecy about Star Wars.

    15. When Richard Ayoade mused about fatherhood.

    16. And when Jamie Foxx described bringing his daughter on movie sets.

    17. When Tom Hanks, Gemma Arteton and Joseph-Gordon Levitt recreated this Bill Murray photo.

    18. When Graham lamented on hashtags that don't look quite right.

    19. When Sandra Bullock revealed how savage Meryl Streep is.

    20. When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson talked about the struggles of looking older than he was.

    21. And when Daniel Radcliffe recounted this fan meeting.

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