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    19 Times Siblings Were The Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

    They're simultaneously the best and worst.

    1. When this sister took revenge to a new, petty level.

    2. And when this sister made an...unusual gift.

    3. When this brother was wise beyond his years.

    Asked my 5 yo brother why he was changing clothes to go out 5 hours from now and he said "if you stay ready you don't have to get ready"

    4. When this sister was meticulous AF.

    5. When this little brother was completely besotted.

    6. When this brother clearly hadn’t had a bubble bath before.

    7. And when this brother made a few subtle changes.

    8. When this sister managed to take her prank pretty damn far.

    9. When this little brother didn't give a fuck about picture day.

    10. When this sister had A+ piss-taking skills.

    11. And when this sister got really introspective.

    12. When this younger brother had a very unique role.

    13. When this little sister refused to take any shit.

    14. When this brother didn't quite get Pokémon Go.

    15. When this sister managed the unthinkable.

    16. When this brother took brushing teeth to extreme new heights.

    17. And when this brother was just trying his best.

    18. When this sister had a very reasonable reaction to finding out about periods.

    im on my period and my baby sister wanted to watch me while i use the restroom and well...

    19. And when this sister made a few crucial spelling errors.

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