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    Updated on Jan 9, 2019. Posted on Sep 12, 2016

    19 Times Russell Howard Was Really Fucking Funny

    "I'm Bear Grylls, and this is my brother Wolf Stir-fry."

    1. When he perfectly summed up university. / Comedy Central

    2. And when he thought of this movie line that definitely should have happened.

    3. When he challenged homophobic attitudes.

    4. When he went on this excellent rant.

    5. When he shut down this question perfectly.

    6. And when he pointed out why colours and sexuality aren't really linked.

    Channel 4 DVD /

    7. When figured out how to make everyone happier.

    8. When he was a bit of a Harry Potter nerd.

    9. When he made this really punny joke.

    10. When he came up with this solution for people who complain about breastfeeding in public.

    11. When he imagined what post-watershed food programmes might be like.

    12. When he wasn't 100% sure about getting sex toys for Christmas.

    13. And when he had some ideas about sexier versions of classic books.

    14. When he pointed out some flawed logic.

    15. When he imagined the Queen's personal life.

    16. And had these thoughts about her Twitter account.

    17. When he made this so-bad-it's good dad joke.


    18. When he made this very good point.

    19. And finally, when he had the most perfect response to this tweet.

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