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    Posted on Nov 16, 2017

    17 Times People On Tumblr Roasted The Fuck Out Of Each Other

    "Trees don't have eyes, you fucking shit head."

    1. When this person's outlook was completely dragged.

    2. When applauding the obvious wasn't seen as very impressive.

    3. And when this maths didn't impress either.

    4. When this very specific discourse led to a 10/10 roast.

    5. When a story seemed pretty unbelievable, and everyone joined in to take the piss.

    6. When this person tried to make a ~hot take~ and people weren't having it.

    7. When there was some...interesting sexting.

    8. When this conversation happened.

    9. When a Brit was tired of being condescended to.

    10. When this effortless burn was delivered.

    11. When this typo was just ripe for roasting.

    12. When this suggestion was not appreciated.

    13. When this fair point was made.

    14. When someone debunked a ~shower thoughts~ post.

    15. When this opportunity was spotted, and taken.

    16. When this person breezily responded to a pink-hater.

    17. And finally, when someone roasted themselves.

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