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    21 Times Mindy Lahiri Made You Wish You Were Best Friends

    "I have the right to life, liberty, and chicken wings."

    1. When she shared your love of good food.

    2. When she knew what the best kind of cake really was.

    3. When she had a flair for the dramatic.

    4. When her pop culture references were just perfect.

    5. When she knew how accomplished she was, and wasn't afraid to say it.

    6. When she delivered some brutal honesty.

    7. When she knew what she was entitled to.

    8. When she was something of a flirting expert.

    9. When she understood that proving a point was a powerful motivation.

    10. And that boredom was practically an emergency.

    11. When she wanted to do babysitting the easy way.

    12. When she was just really modest about being amazing.

    13. When she knew what she needed to feel better.

    14. When she had this really sassy comeback.

    15. When she was just really thoughtful.

    16. When she summed up how adulthood doesn't always meet your expectations.

    17. When she knew that her style game was A+.

    18. And that a powerful aesthetic is important.

    19. When she got pissed off at the audacity of this treadmill.

    20. When she was bettering herself but not too much.

    21. And when she had her priorities in order on a night out.