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    18 Michael Scott Moments So Cringeworthy, They'll Make You Almost Die Of Secondhand Embarrassment

    Two words: Scott's Tots.

    1. When he prematurely announced this at Phyllis' wedding.

    2. And when he gave an unwanted wedding speech afterwards.

    3. When he thought he was doing a good thing by inviting a member of staff who uses a wheelchair to give a talk, but kept making things worse every time he spoke.

    4. And when he thought burning his foot on a grill was akin to being in a wheelchair.

    5. When he pretended to not be himself to try and get out of a blind date.

    6. When he kissed Oscar to prove he wasn't homophobic.

    7. When he pretended to fire Pam and accused her of stealing office supplies.

    8. When he had to tell Scott's Tots that he wouldn't be paying for their college tuition after all.

    9. And also when he made them think he was about to give them new laptops, but instead pulled out a suitcase full of laptop batteries.

    10. When he lied and said everybody was getting a bonus as a way of showing his public speaking skills.

    11. When he proposed to Carol at the Diwali party and she was horrified.

    12. And when he thought he and Pam were about to kiss afterwards.

    13. When he instigated a Yankee swap because he hated the oven mitt from Phyllis so much, and kept trying to convince other people to take it from him.

    14. When he broke up with Pam's mum Helene after finding out how old she was turning on her birthday.

    15. Absolutely EVERYTHING he said and did in "Diversity Day" but maybe most notably his Chris Rock stand-up routine.

    16. When he tried out some dancing on the booze cruise.

    17. When he tried to backtrack from suggesting Phyllis was old.

    18. And finally, when Date Mike was unveiled to the world.