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19 Times John Boyega Was Just Absolutely Perfect

What did we all do to deserve him?

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1. When he granted this boy's wish to meet Finn by visiting the Royal London Children's Hospital in character.

JABPromotions / REX / Shutterstock
JABPromotions / REX / Shutterstock

2. When he talked about how he made the most of every moment on the Star Wars set.

3. When he shut down people who criticised him for his supportive International Women's Day tweet.

Instagram: @jboyega_

4. When he brought his mates to the Star Wars premiere.

Something tells us @JohnBoyega is excited to be here at #TheForceAwakens European Premiere... #FinnAwakens

5. When he wanted J.J. Abrams to think he was really busy.

6. When he had this to say about anyone who didn't think he should be a Stormtrooper.

7. When he revealed that acting isn't his only talent.

Instagram: @jboyega_

8. In fact, alongside dancing, he can do an eerily accurate impression of Pinocchio from Shrek.

Instagram: @jboyega_

9. When he celebrated Star Wars Day the most Star Wars way imaginable.

Currently on set surrounded by my family celebrating Star Wars day while filming Star Wars in Star Wars gear and ye.....happy Star Wars day

10. When he had this response to someone who suggested that Black History Month was a "racially divided month":

@theedge60 happy you can celebrate it too month with a side of ssshhh

11. When he went to Star Wars screenings to surprise fans.

Did @JohnBoyega stop by your theater? Star Wars #TheForceAwakens now playing! #FinnAwakens

12. And when he surprised these ones who were watching the Star Wars trailer.

Two unsuspecting SW fans watching the trailer before the movie. Had to interrupt.

13. When he was excited to support the next generation of future actors from his hometown Peckham.

Facebook: johnboyega

14. When he talked about how he was definitely friends with Harrison Ford.

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15. When he FaceTimed his cat because he missed him and used some perfect Instagram hashtags.

16. When he admitted his mates didn't realise quite how pivotal his role in Star Wars was.


17. When he explained how it could be hard to forget that BB-8 isn't real.

Anne Mavity / / Via Anne Mavity /

18. When he was ~supportive~ of Daisy Ridley.

19. And finally, when he spoke about keeping his casting a secret.