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    Posted on Jun 5, 2016

    22 Times Gene Belcher Was The Best Character On "Bob's Burgers"

    "Camera, take the day off. I added ten pounds to myself".

    1. When he was feeling his look.

    2. Which was pretty much all the time.

    3. When he knew how to make naps even better.

    4. When he revealed what his dream was.

    5. When he had a damn good reason for being late.

    6. When he posed this important question.

    7. And this profound one.

    8. When he knew what mattered.

    9. When he was brutally honest.

    10. When he wanted to be photo-ready.

    11. When he wanted to ~tell it like it is~.

    12. When he didn't consider a different meaning to his words.

    13. More than once.

    14. When he was actually being really practical.

    15. When he tried to intimidate a potential ghost.

    16. When he put the groundwork in.

    17. When he made this pretty smart point.

    18. When he didn't know about "Aunt Flo".

    19. When he slightly misunderstood this slogan.

    20. And this gesture.

    21. When he made this excellent, pertinent comparison.

    22. And when he had this brilliant idea.

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