18 Times Forever 21 Went Way, Way Too Far

    For everyone who doesn't want a profound saying on their jeans.

    1. When they conceived the idea of heels that look like your ankles are wearing frilly ballgowns.

    2. When they made these jeans that carry a poetic life motto.

    3. And when they made this play on words that the world did not ask for.

    4. When they put rips, tassels, and embellishment all together at once.

    5. When they took this sweet, simple hat and gave it a ~twist~.

    when you think you found something cute at forever 21 but they had to ruin it some way

    6. When they cut a big ol' chunk of fabric out of this top and, um, replaced it with another fabric.

    7. When these...cosy-looking sandals were created.

    8. When they emblazoned a shirt with this important warning.

    9. When their choker had an uncanny resemblance to something else entirely.

    10. And when they took the choker trend to new, neck-brace-resembling heights.

    Ok chokers are getting out of hand... Is this a neck brace?

    11. When they took about three quarters of this top away, for when you only wish to exclusively cover your arms and shoulders.

    12. When all of these impractical boots were made.

    For the love of boots, why? cc: @Forever21

    13. When they had this skirt for when you want to be a gladiator but, like, a sexy one.

    14. And when they printed this slightly confusing message.

    15. When Sanskrit and slang were merged together to make this slogan.

    16. When they distressed this dress beyond repair.

    17. When they invented a whole new identity.

    Why is this in Forever 21 HAHA what does part time vegan even mean

    18. And finally, when they gave us the opportunity to wear the top of our jeans, but around our neck.