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19 Times Dogs Were The Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

They truly make it a better place.

1. This one who is in denial.

2. This dog with a rebellious spirit.

3. This dog who was clearly having a great time.

4. This stellar employee.

5. This dog who has amazing transforming capabilities.

6. This helpful dog showing its support.

7. This furry bath bomb.

8. This one, who's made themselves pretty comfortable.

9. This dog who's just very glitzy.

10. This master of emotional blackmail.

11. This dog who likes to dive in headfirst.

12. This dog who knows how to live luxuriously.

13. This social butterfly.

14. This one who just likes company.

15. This dog who's prepared whatever the weather.

16. This dog who's looking really damn sharp.

17. And this one who's more into her accessories.

18. This chaos-lover.

19. And this lovely, thoughtful dog.

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