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19 Times Chadwick Boseman Was Just So Wonderful It Was Overwhelming

So suave, so talented, so damn cool.

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4. He's a man with some very good answers.


5. And some very important points to make.

8. OK, it's not a picture, but just watch him go and surprise Civil War fans.

Thanks for all the love @ElCapitanThtre! Which theater should I go to next? #captainamericacivilwar #blackpanther


9. And then take a picture with all of them.

Instagram: @chadwickboseman

He looks cool even when he's relaxing in a chair.

12. Chadwick Boseman petting this dog is just really soothing.

Such mutual joy.


18. He's an excellent dancer and he knows it.

19. And you have to hear this because, well, he has the voice of an angel.