This Lion Got Into A Wheelbarrow At A Zoo And It Was Pretty Whimsical

    If he fits, he sits.

    Meet Obi, a 2-year-old 400-pound lion who resides in Oaklawn Farm Zoo in Canada. Here he is, just hanging out.

    Last week, Obi was found in an unusual spot: a wheelbarrow.

    Maria Weinberg, a zookeeper at Oaklawn Farm, told BuzzFeed News: "I was just going into the lion enclosure to give the lions some pumpkins to play with."

    "As I was giving the other two lions their pumpkins I look back at Obi and saw he was sitting in the wheelbarrow. Hoping he would stay there long enough [so] I could get the pic, I let him sit there as long as he wanted, and after two or three minutes he jumped out and went and played with the pumpkins."

    "Obi is a bit of a clown and is always trying to be a part of whatever I am doing in the enclosure," Weinberg said.

    This isn't the first time Obi's sat himself somewhere ~unusual~. Here he is just lounging on the sofa.